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Reasons to keep going...


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There is the obvious reason of weight loss -and trust me - I WANT all the yummy weight loss!- but there are other reasons to continue -

Our bodies are grateful. We are eating natural foods -nothing processed and plastic. That alone is a great motivation for me. That alone makes me feel better.

My children eating healthier foods because mummy has got up off her fat behind and decided to sort it out. How many here with families have noticed with a little triumph that their initial bid to lose weight has helped their families habits improve too? If that thought doesn't help keep you away from the crisps and sweets then I don't know what will. For the last couple of years I've watched my children and felt so afraid that they'd learn my awful eating habits and go through the same misery I have. I couldn't forgive myself if I did that to them.

Better looking skin. Come on! Who else has noticed a new shine on their bakes?! My skin is clearing up and I seem to have shed that grey zombie tone of skin I've been sporting lately.

Energy! After a plate of chips or spuds and salty nonsense plastic foods -you want to lie down, unbutton and sleep. After an Atkins dinner -you want to take off and run! (and when I can run more than the length of myself I'll do it too!)

Sleeping better: Waking up and actually feeling alive! Amazing! Who knew there was life after sleep?! Not going to bed full of junk food means we dont have to digest while we rest and every morning feels like a fresh start now.

I'm running out of steam now... please add your own reasons to keep going.

This is a lifestyle -not a diet!!!

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Great post, very inspiring love. Thanks


Carbs are Evil
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Great post :D


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Great post & all true :)
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WOW!!! Thats really made me look at my old eating habbits and opened my eyes. For once i feel excited about eating healthy. Thank you Blackrose


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S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
And nobody added their own! LOL Oh well -as long as ppl keep going. :D

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