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Reassure me please?


Happiest Girl :D
Ugh. Day 4 & my ketostix are pink but I'm still hungry & have a stonking headache. I thought all this went with ketosis? Do I just need to get deeper into it? I'm not going to cheat though I have felt cravings, I just want to know if I'll win the battle in a few more days or if I'm stuck like this for the full stretch? :sign0009:

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I'm on day seven now. I've been in ketosis since day two. And have felt really crap until today. Woke up feeling better. fingers crossed it'll last and i won't get all headachey and sick in the evening.


Happiest Girl :D
That's good to know. If there's an end in sight I can keep going! Thanks xx
yeah keep at it. It is different for everyone but hopefully a few more days and u'll feel better. i was ready to give up yesterday. drinking the water and the shakes eberything was making me throw up and nauseaous. x

flab fighter

The fat is melting away!
ignore the stick if you are 100% you are in ketosis I have been on it for 25 days now and stick always pink.


Slowly but surely x
keep going, you will still be losing weight even if not in ketosis and you are 100%. xx


Happiest Girl :D
Hunger went away last night! Feel great now, apart from headaches first thing in the morning. Yay! :D:D

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