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Recipes to make shakes exciting

Hi Guys, I was reading past threads the other night and came accross a few with suggestions on how to make the shakes better but i can't find them now :cry: at the moment I am just having shake after shake.
There was ones like adding coffee and ice to the vanilla ones and making hot choclate :D They all sounded lovely.
If you have suggestions can you reply to this thread..pretty please x. That way it would be easy to find and I can print it off and try all the great suggestions :D.
Thanks a million guys xxx
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1/4 tsp of hot chilli in a strawberry shake mmmmm awsome:) x
Are we allowed condaments? pepper? salt etc


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Chilli in a strawberry shake :rolleyes:
wats that taste like?


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Pepper is ok but no salt x

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hey i have vanilla latte for brekkie, make up vanilla shake with hot water and a spoon of coffee i always put more water in it to be more like real latte.

also you can make a peppermint tea leave to stew for 5 min till nice and strong then mix in a choc shake yumm yumm yumm i always use more water. I have also used pure peppermint and orange extract NOT FLAVOURING in a choc shake either hot or cold. If you want a great cold shake stick in a blender with loads of ice.

I also read that you can make up cho shake into a mousse using half the water then freeze it in tinfoil for a kinda dessert thingy but not tried it, and also read you can make the chicken soup into crisps by making into a mousse then sticking them in the micro but again i not tried it. hope this helps good luck x
Only kidding, but I reckon it could be nice?;)


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Was very worried lol


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I just used to have choc shakes but with about 20oz of water and loads of ice cubes blended!! Lovely!! xxx


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All those suggestions are good (apart from the chilli :p), but i can recommend you avoid making up a strawberry shake with sparkling water!
I just had one for lunch, thought I'd try it for a novelty, BIG mistake I almost threw up, but made myself drink it as I didn't want to waste my shake!
My favourite is a hot choc made with a chocolate shake and either peppermint tea or coffee, drink it warm it's delicious! :)


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Tried most of the above....used to spice up the chicken soup with some dried herbs and bit of died chilli.....yum (well yum for LT soup)


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I was thinkin about tryin the peppermint tea, just popped in to my chemist to make sure it was ok on LT and she said its a definate NO :confused:

xx Cathy xx

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Did you watch the video before you started LP? The video says you can have teas made from leaves like peppermint so I wouldn't listen. I lived on it for week one and it didn't stop my weight loss.


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Sometimes i wonder if my chemist knows what there talking about!
The first time i ever did LT well at my first weigh in i lost a stone and the lady goes :eek: oh you little piggy you musta been carryin a lot a water weight checky mare lol

xx Cathy xx

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OMG I cant believe they said that! Think I would've had a right go at her!
Thanks for all the ideas on this thread. The last few days what I've been doing is this and it has been great :D

Breakfast - Ice/water/strawberry powder in smoothy maker YUMMY:D


Lunch - Flap jack and Black Coffee OK :)


Dinner - Boiling water/Vanilla powder/Large spoon of coffee in blender

Im with you on the smoothies Louise, i have a choc one every morning mmm x
What can you do with choc shakes? I've 3 left this week and cant think of anything exciting to with them??? trying to use my imagination :D Theres not much really is there..?

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