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Recipies for SW quiche ??

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Cavycrazy, 21 July 2008 Social URL.

  1. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Silver Member

    I have seen this mentioned in the SW mag and they were also talking about it in class last week. (didnt like to ask being the newbie :eek: ). We all had an item of food and had to come up with recipies, and the group that had the Smash spud mentioned using that as the base for the SW quiche.

    I am guessing its a tried and tested easy thing to make ??? Bit like the old WW zero point soup !

    Has anyone got the recipe please ? I missed it. Or their own version ?

    Thanks xx
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  3. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Silver Member

    Just cooked this one. :) Will let you know later what it tastes like. Found it on an earlier thread. I reduced the quantity a bit from the original recipe and its still filled a large dish.

    A packet of Batchelors pasta and sauce (some are synned but really low)
    Large tub of low fat cottage cheese (free)
    3 eggs (free)
    Seasoning of your choice
    Anything else you might want to add to the quiche ie, peppers, mushrooms etc. (I added red onion, courgette, peas, corn, broccolli and baby carrots.

    1) Cook the pasta and sauce omitting the butter and milk keeping it syn free or low syns
    2) Tip the cottage cheese into cooked pasta and sauce and stir well
    3) Add any other extras you have chosen
    4) Whisk eggs separately and then pour into pasta and sauce/ cottage cheese mixture and mix really well
    5) Pour into a flan/quiche dish and place in oven (lowish heat! Sorry I don't do numbers) and keep checking til cooked!

    Hope it tastes nice. :D
  4. Claire1981

    Claire1981 Is so very nearly there!

    Oh was it nice?
  5. couscous

    couscous Full Member

    I munch on this all the time and its fantastic. It also works with batchelors rice as well. Watch out as some of the pastas arwen't syn free. The mushroom and red wine one id 1 syn - although hardly worth counting when it makes a pasta quiche that lasts 2 days.

    I do find this quiche tastes better when its cold and chilled from the fridge.
  6. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Silver Member

    Yummy . Got a nice big portion for lunch today. Cant wait. :D
  7. couscous

    couscous Full Member

    I wish i had some as I fancy it now. Got JP and beans
  8. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Silver Member

    Yeah, the pasta n sauce I used was 1 syn, so counting my syn as 1/4 :D:D:D.

    Having mine with some bakes beans lunch time, only 1/2 tin though as off to the gym tonight and dont want any little 'accidents' :whistle:
  9. Claire1981

    Claire1981 Is so very nearly there!

    HA HA HA thats made me chuckle! x
  10. juliexxx

    juliexxx Member

    Sounds like you all make it for a green day, ive been making it for red.


    4 eggs
    1 pot of quark
    bacon approx 200g
    28g cheese for top (HA)

    fry the bacon and onion in fry light
    wisk together the eggs and quark
    add the bacon and onion mix to the egg and quark mix
    put in dish and cook on gas mark 4 for 40 mins.

    its nice hot but even nicer the next day cold for lunch

    SYNS 0 its free free free

    its lovely, you could also add peppers, mushrooms or any other free foods you like.
  11. cherylxx

    cherylxx Silver Member

    i make the quiche using batchelors rice. i love it.
    for those who dont like cottage cheese it also works equally as well without.
    i use tomatoes, peppers, onion mushroom and sometimes use sliced quorn sausages as well.
    if making a red day quiche i use tomatoes, peppers,onion, mushroom and diced chicken and bacon.
    all mixed with the eggs, some herbs, the cooked rice (golden vegetable works the best IMO) cottage cheese(depending on who is eating it as kids wont eat cottage cheese version).
    using the batchelors rice makes it syn free (as long as u dont used the fried rice) and is absolutely delicious, not only as part of a meal but also as a fridge raiding snack. :D

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