Recommend a Lighter Life consellor?

Hi 10stone10,
WELL DONE thats amazing 5 stone in 4 months!!!!!......Im starting LL just went to my doctors and he said he'd have to keep my consent form until Friday then I could pick It up?
How much did you lose in the 100 days foundation?

have you looked at the web site ?
I live in London.mine is great.
I have lost just over 5 stone since may 15 th
find one........
good luck
dont diet I have been on.
X 10
There is Carole in Chorley, she is very good. I don't have her phone number with me but it is on their website.
Hi Sugar4,

Theres Carol in Chorley her number is: 0870 999 2607.
Thers also Margarret in Blackpool her number is: 0870 999 2606.
I would recommend contacting the ones nearest to you and choosing the one YOU like best :)

I like my LLC because she reminds me a bit of a strict teacher I of mine from junior school. This works very well for me but we all respond differently to the same people. Choosing the right LLC is a very personal thing so do your best to interview them all :D
Hi Sugar:eek:

I can recommend Carole Gamble, the LL Counsellor in Chorley.

There is also a Counsellor in Stockport, I used to have her name but can't find it.

I applied to both, but decided on Chorley in the end because it was easier to get to off the Motorway.