Recover from binge eating - advice on my menu please

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  1. floss

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    Hello lovely people!

    its been literally years since Iv posted here so it's a little weird to be back! I just wondered if I could ask your advice?

    i was on what I thought was a super health kick last year year when in reality I was under eating and running too much for a while to see the scale go down every day. Since uni stress kicked in I started binging and in 6 weeks IV gained over a stone...which considering I still have weight to lose is devastating!

    Im im not ashamed to admit I am now having therapy to crack my binging and a suggestion was to stop trying to lose weight right now as I have to stop binging first...why didn't I think of that haha!

    anyway, I was active here a few years ago but got obsessed with the whole low carb high protein thing and am now convinced high carb low calorie will do nothing for me even though all you lovely people are having such success! IV devised a menu for myself wand was wondering if I could get your thoughts? It's primarily for stopping binging (regular eating, easy, enough etc) but if I lose on it too I will be a very happy girl! Sorry for the long post and thank you for reading, please do let me know your thoughts!

    Floss xx

    breakie: porridge with soya milk and Splenda, tea
    lunch: whole meal pitta, houmous, salad, apple, tea
    Snack: banana
    Dinner: fish/quorn/eggs/soup with veggies
    Snack: tea, frozen yogurt/jelly/grapes

    = 1200 ish!

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  3. ellaye

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    Calorie Counting
    1200 is usually the *minimum* they recommend you eat, so you might find that eating more helps you because you'll have calories spare to snack on healthy things, or bulk out your meals so you feel fuller.

    Have you tried MyFitnessPal? It'll give you a good guide for your calorie allowance, and maybe logging all your food will help curb binges. You can also make notes, so if you DO binge, you can note down what triggered it to see if there's a pattern which will make avoiding it in future easier.
  4. ellaye

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    Calorie Counting
    Your food sounds good, though. Porridge is filling.
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    Calorie counting and willpower
    It sounds like a really lovely menu and looks pretty well balanced to me.

    It's different to mine. I have problems processing some carbs, particularly processed ones, so I have a fairly low-carb diet anyway. The exception was last night when I had two mini-wraps, and I'm bloated this morning. I really should know better, but they are really nice :D

    This diet will keep you full, so hopefully it should work for you. Keep us posted :)
  6. floss

    floss Full Member

    Thank you :)

    ellaye-yes I have mfp. I used it religiously and loved it but it was instrumental in my under eating-I pretty much stopped once the number hit 750 calories so to knowingly have 1200 and not have it turn into a binge will be huge for me. Baby steps!

    The moog- Thankyou for your comment :) I have everyone from the guy I'm seeing to my roommate telling me that take carbs out and the weight will fall off this is hard! I havnt had conventional meals for years so I just have to keep reminding myself that this is to stop me binging. But just so hard when I know I could drop my calories and the weight would come off again...but I guess if I'm going to stop binging I have to try this. Agh! (Sorry venting!)
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