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Red Days........issues !

I'm having a real problem with Red days. My fav is Green, but my planned meals for this weekend were red.

Yesterday I'd planned to make a big chicken caesar salad (count the dressing syns) and today I'd planned a roast. Yesterday I changed at lunchtime and ended up on Green, made the Chicken C Salad for my son (who loves it) and I had spag bol that was in the freezer and had a really good day, everything counted and only 8 syns used. Today though I've stuck to Red and I've been starving and I've cheated and had stuff I shouldnt have. I stopped counting syns when I'd got to 20 about 3pm and its just got me so frustrated.

I feel fuller on Green days, Red days just do my head in.

Do you think I can stay on Green. I thought you had to mix the days up through the week but I just cant stand the thought of another red.

Will this still work if I do mostly greens with the odd occasional red a month when I fancy a steak?

What does everyone think?

Btw i've stopped eating for the day, I've gone over on my syns but can make that up over the next couple of days.
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My friend only does green days and she's a target member now. Weight loss has been steady right along the way. So, it may be a bit slower (lots of people say that red speed up weight loss) but it can still be done.

I do more red than green - probably 6 to 1 and my weight loss has only been a pound a week, so it may not even matter!

As long as you're happy and losing it doesn't really matter!

Annette x

Nanny Jax

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Time4, I love green days but they don't like me:cry:so i have to have quite a few reds, I tend to have stir frys, chicken:eatdrink023: and mushroom omelettes etc, and use my Hx,s on potatoes or pasta if i want them. I have heard that by sticking to all green days you might lose weight slower, but hey we are all different :patback:
I've never had a green day - I love red (and so far they love me) I think you're fine sticking with whatever suits you. xxx
I don't handle green days well if I don't have some red days in between, but that's just me. Some do fine on all green, so just see how your losses go honey, and if not then plan your meals out and cook stuff in advance so you aren't tempted to just have green. Try spag bol with spaghetti squash, once cooked it comes out in threads and is really tasty

Once it gets a bit warmer get the grill out, substitute potatoes for for bns chips or sweet potato wedges which are both lovely, and taste lovely with burgers or chicken skewers and a salad or coleslaw.



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I hardly ever have red days, we usually plan saturdays as red but i quite often change it to green as i'm much happier and find green days much easier :)
Well your not the only one who has issues with red days............i hate them and i only have them if my body craves meat....i do get good losses when i do-do red days so i may do a few before my holidays....,.wish i could help but im crap.

Ruthy xxx


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I rarely do red days either. I get on better with green as I can eat more. It's about what works for you, you don't have to do reds if you don't want to.
Well thats it settled then. I had a truely dreadful day yesterday and so glad its over. I didnt even enjoy my dinner last night as I was worrying about what I was going to do if I felt hungry later on as I'd not only used all my a's and b's but I'd had waaaaaaaaaaay over the odds on syns too. I dont like the way that yesterday made me feel and I know that sounds odd but today I am much more in control. Have my fruit and yoghurt with me for lunch at work and there's left over spag bol from Saturday in the fridge for when I get home and then I've still got some b's to see me through the evening.

Its like I'm posessed by the sabotage devil on red days.

I'm sticking to green and with my new walking plan (see new thread) I'm going to have a fantastic weight loss this week :D and for the weeks to come.
T4A at least you know your weaknesses now, Reds play havoc with me and to be honest i use all my syns if not more just not to feel hungry!

I hate it, but have you tried quorn minted lamb fillets they are lovely and they are free on RED....just a thought really.
Maybe substitute meat for quorn


Ruthy xxx
If I substitute meat for quorn wouldnt that just be a green day :rolleyes:.

I do love meat, I love chicken and I love steak and when I did SW before I had mostly Red days but for some reason its not working for me this time.

I'm going to stick with green from now on and use meat as a HE every now and again.

Today I feel great :D
I see what you mean, it wouldnt be a green day because you WONT be eating pots, rice and pasta

Ruthy xxx

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