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Red days on SW without meat

Discussion in 'The Vegetarian Option' started by Micci, 27 May 2011 Social URL.

  1. Micci

    Micci Well-Known Member


    I'd read on someone's blog here about doing red days.Using the free meat analogues like the Fry's sausages, Realeat chicken lumps and, if you eat eggs, quorn products.

    I tried it and found it very limiting and didn't notice any particular difference on the scales but IIRC, this person thought it boosted her loss.

    Has anyone else tried this? If so, what was your experience?

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  3. iwillsoonbeslim

    iwillsoonbeslim Well-Known Member

    I did a few red days when I was on SW, but I eat fish.
  4. Micci

    Micci Well-Known Member

    did you notice any difference is your weight loss on the different days?
  5. iwillsoonbeslim

    iwillsoonbeslim Well-Known Member

    I tried to only weigh once a week. But, no. In frustration at slow losses I followed ONLY red days for 13 days in a row. I had 1/3 SF at each meal and only snacked on SF. I think I'd lost half a pound by the end of that...
  6. Micci

    Micci Well-Known Member

    half a flippin' pound! I'd have been outraged :(
  7. iwillsoonbeslim

    iwillsoonbeslim Well-Known Member

    I was. Why do you think I'm now CC ;-) lol
  8. iwillsoonbeslim

    iwillsoonbeslim Well-Known Member

    ...just noticed your current weight - were you as immensly joyful as me when you finallyu broke that 200lb barrier?!! I think I enjoyed (and am still buzzing from) that more than any other milestone onthis journey!
  9. Micci

    Micci Well-Known Member

    Ha yes!!! immensly joyful, when did you acheive it? I bounced around with the same three or four pounds for a month or so. But now I am gutted as for no reason at all I put on 3lbs yesterday. Really no reason, I ate really well after three days of being 197 I suddenly weighed 200 again. POOP. the only thing I can think of is I ate 1 tin of instant spaggetti before bed and that shouldn't account for three pounds. Ah well, these things happen and it will go again

    So ... CCing is working for you now?
  10. iwillsoonbeslim

    iwillsoonbeslim Well-Known Member

    It certainly seems to be, I'm loving it!

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