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Red, green, EE or a mix??


I will do this!!!


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EE is all ive known and most weeks ive lost - only gained or maintained for being naughty lol
Red works best for me - I seem to bloat and retain a lot of water if I do green and for whatever reason I just can't get my head round EE!

If i do some green days I tend to do them at the beginning of the week, straight after weigh in then back on to red for the rest of the week.


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Before EE came out I only did red and green as there was no other option. I reached target in 2003 but soon fell off the wagon as I found them both too restrictive.
Since rejoining SW almost a year ago I have only done EE, and will never do anything else. Not only is my target 1 stones less than my original target, I find it so easy and will stick with it for life!


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I do a mix of red and EE. I only do green once in a blue moon.
I stick to mainly red days, mainly because i love my meat. Although just lately i have been throwing in a few more EE days which seems to be working aswell. 2.5 stone in 15 weeks doing red days so it seems to be working for me.


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I think they're all equally effective in terms of weight loss, you can eat too much on any of the plans OR choose speed foods on any of them. You just need to choose what works best for you. Don't make life harder than it needs to be. Remember this is not a race but something you will be doing for the rest of your life.


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We (hubbie and I) mainly do green days because the rice, pasta and potatoes fills him significantly so that he doesn't really snack that much any more. Plus I am addicted to pasta :eek:


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I love Red days, but if i am eating out swap to a EE as it works better for me.

Green - now and then!

All plans work well as long as you stick to it for the whole day, whatever choice you make! x

Mrs V

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Im a Red and EE girl too, although I have more of the Red Days as I bloat with EE.


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mostly red if i want a big loss, EE for convenience and if i'm out socialising.

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