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Red/Green to EE ,feels like cheating??


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Nope!! Embrace the change!!
I found it quite enlightening when EE came out, all the foods I couldn't eat together became available and I thought it was great.
I still enjoy the occasional EE day each week :)
I have only done EE twice now ,I feel quite bloated ,thats maybe why I feel like it's cheating ,need to get my portion control right I think !!
I done a chicken curry for my first EE day but found it hard to make it 1/3 superfree ,as I had run out of peppers,so ended up grating carrot into it and it was actually really nice,bumped it up with tomatoes and onions too so it was *roughly* 1/3 ,this confuses me ,do you just judge by eye??
I definately went through this feeling when it first came out after doing red/green for a year. I think most people were a bit 'is this too good to be true?'. It didn't stop me though as it makes life soooooo much easier and much more like eating 'normally'.

Like Jaylou says- embrace the change. It works, it's easy and it makes SW feel even less like a 'diet' and more like a new healthy way of eating for life



I haven't been doing Sw to long, but was worried that switching to EE would hinder my weightloss :eek: but I have found I am doing EE more and more alongside my usual Red days.

So I am definitely embracing the change :D


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I find i rarely have 1/3 of a plate of superfree when i do EE so i don't think it's as good for me, because i can't follow it properly.

anyone got the EE cook book? the recipes are great, but again you need to add the superfree, which isn't always easy!

Mrs V

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I tend to have 6 Red days and 1 EE day a week now, instead of a Green Day and I have had no problems. However I do know that if I did anymore, I would either sts or gain.

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