Red wine


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I'm the same with white wine but since starting this diet (a VLCD) where no alcohol is allowed at all I've actually found it easier because I'm not allowed any wine. In previous diets where I was allowed wine in moderation it was always my downfall because I used to say "oh one more glass won't matter" and of course it did.


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Hi there I havetried umpteen diets but red wine gets the better of me. Any tips on stopping?
I'm only new on here myself but I wouldn't try to stop completely. I recently started Slimming World and nothing is forbidden as long as you're sensible with it. I'm as guilty as anyone for not stopping at one glass but instead of doing it every week, I'm now going to aim to have it as a monthly treat. Sure, I may not lose as much weight that week but I'll enjoy it all the more and I won't start to resent my diet if that makes sense?

Anyhoo, good luck with your diet and have a lovely festive period.



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Have you tried buying the small bottles where a bottle is one glass, that way it is less tempting to have more or you can just buy the one a week so there isn't any more on the house.

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