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Reductil and CD ???

Hi Ladies just wondering if anyone has been on Reductil and followed CD. I have been prescribed the medication by my doctor and started today, but i also lurk onto this forum lol. Im thinking of maybe doing the two together as i feel very motivated at the moment....and desparate to loose my weight for good. Any help would be great thanks Sharon:wave_cry:
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Shut up Ethel
Sorry, but no....reductil works like xenical, yes? If so, then it binds to fat in your diet and makes you shed more than you would normally. With CD you take in a very carefully balanced mix of nutrients, carbs, fat, protein etc; you don't need to lose any of it as you need it to keep you going properly. I think it could well be one or the other - but with CD, you wouldn't need reductil.

Have you done a vlcd before? I ask only because we find a lot of people's doctors are very quick to prescribe weight loss drugs, when there may be a good alternative (eg CD or LL) that they haven't considered or for some reason don't agree with.


Shut up Ethel
PS seven weeks ago I was the same weight as you, more or less, and am now just under 13 stone with no drugs involved....


Shut up Ethel
Oh in that case ignore me and wait for someone knowledgeable to come along!


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I think Reductil is more an appetite suppresant, not like Xenical
That's my understanding too.

On CD you shouldn't need an appetite suppresant as ketosis should do that job for you. But it would be worth having a chat with a CD counsellor about it.


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only my opinion but reductil is naff anyway (being the queen of every diet product available!!!Lol) You seriously wont need reductil as guru just said...ketosis will do that for you!! I have lost 7 stone since january...seriously cd on its own is MORE than enough!! Good luck x
Thanks for your advise ladies...i suppose it does not make sense to do them both with regards to ketosis....didnt think about this . Do you go into ketosis doing the 810 plan...sorry for all the questions sharon


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hi i was on ruductil before doing cd, i only lost 9lb from feb-may, so cd is definatly better for me, you would not need ruductil whilst doing cd like the other ladies said ketosis will step in, however if you are already on reductil it may be worth combining the 2 for the first week of doing caimbridge to help with the first few days where hunger is a killer, but dont continue any longer, and check this advise with a councellor, maybe kd, she is very good, and knows her stuff. but i deffinatly reccomend caimbridge it has changed my life already and im not even half way there yet xxx

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