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refeed for one -two days


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Why not stick to LT? I've gone through 3 family birthdays, a funeral, and a wedding on LT?


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Hi Bluebox,
yes it can slow down or stop your weight loss that week, knock you out of ketosis and give you the taste for food again. I am with Irishmum on this one, try and not eat at these functions. I have a wedding at the end of next month then 2 weeks holidays and plan to carry on with LT through these. Nothing is more important to me that shifting this weight. Unfortunately there will always be food events coming up, we just have to think differently about them. Best of luck.


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Yup, im with the girls on this one too!!

It really isnt worth it :)

Stick it out xxx
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yeah just stick tto it imo


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Yup, I'm with the gang on this one - what's more important, losing all the weight or having a couple of meals?

I always think the important thing is *being there* with family and friends, not eating/drinking with them.
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Sorry but I agree with the others. There is always some event to encounter. I have attended many barbeques, parties, buffets where I could have eaten but choose not to but stick to LT 100%. My children helped me at events where I couldn't not eat (I told very few I was on LT) by taking food off my plate when no-one was looking or swapping my plate for theirs!!! They thought it was hysterical!!! I knew I didn't need the food but I did enjoy the company.

You need to make your own decision but I would encourage you to try to stick to LT coz it can be very hard to restart.



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Afraid I am with everyone else..I too have had birthdays, BBQs, events, etc....and nothing has stopped me with LT.

It is the people you are with that matters. Food should be secondary. yes, it is hard and it is probably not what you want to hear, but it is the honest truth.

You could come off it, re-feed, etc...but why? For what? To have some food, and yes, the taste buds might just come alive again and bang, back to square one again. I know what I would chose.

This isnt for life; it is for a season and seasons come and go! Quicker than we care to admit. Make the right decision and keep with LT...it isnt that bad. It is do-able as we all are testament to and can get through these functions.

Hope you make the right one...keep us all posted.


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Hi bluebox

It really is important that if you do a refeed its at least for a week and done in the right order, as you have to fill your glycogen levels gradually, with what you would be eating for a few days on refeed to suddenly be eating buffet food and wedding cake could lead to a devastating fluid gain. I know its hard but try to stick to LT it really is worth it. :)

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