refeed worries


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Hi all
I have decided to refeed for christmas I have lost 3st 4lb and need to lose about another stone and a half. I just wish christmas wasnt here yet as an interruption to my LT. Im planning on having some lovely meals at christmas. I want to go back on TFR 2/1/09 but I dont know if I can trust myself to go back on it specially when people say its hard 2nd time round. People are beginning to notice my weight loss but instead of this pleasing me I feel under pressure because as you know people say wow you look great and if i put the weight back on they will not say anything but I know what they will be thinking. Im trying not to be negative but Im scared that my weight loss isnt here to stay. :confused:
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It is a big decision to make, especially when you have done so well already. It certainly can be difficult to get back on again after a break, but it isn't impossible. We all fear putting it back on again and not being able to maintain the weight loss, it is naturally.

If you have decided to refeed then you need to discuss with pharmacy/read refeed notes/refeed threads and then develop your plan. I think for any of us we aren't going to get through Xmas and maintain in the new year without being clear about how we are going to do it.

Just try not to panic, if you want to lose the rest of your weight badly enough then you can do it, and there will be plenty of support on here in the new year x


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Have a supply of maintenance shakes ready to help control the weight if you find it creeping up!



I know exactly where your coming from. I have a family meal booked for 21st December and then Christmas dinner. I want to take part but have done so well that I'm really scared of what might happen. I was going to start the refeed next week so that I am balanced by 21st but there's a part of me thats really worried i'll go totally mad and pile it on. I've lost 12lbs in 2 weeks and still have about a stone to go so wondered if I'd be better just switching to low carb onky for the couple of meals i can't avoid (a sort of refeed) and then going straight back on TFR come 2/1/09.

its a really difficult decision



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S: 16st10lb C: 13st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 3st3lb(19.23%)
Hi guys
Thank you to tara and milktrayman for your kind advice. Hopefully I ill take it on board.

Cabbez I hope we find the strength after new year to get back on TFR. I will look out for you for some encouragement. Enjoy your christmas:):)