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Refeeding from tomorrow

Hi All,

I have decided to re-feed from tomorrow. I am not near goal but I have an occassion coming up in less than 2 weeks and I really want to go and be part of the party atmosphere. I have shunned so many events the past 3 months and this occassion is so special and important its worth re-feeding for. One of my goals is to fit into my size 10 wedding dress and I am already in a size 10 so I didn't do too badly on this!!! I will work towards a healthy BMI using maintenance and if needs be I will use 100% TFR to help me again. I am such a fan of this diet and I would recommend it to anyone committed to losing weight.
My question to you all is: has anyone succeeded in doing re-feed without a gain? I do NOT want to gain and I fully intend (and will) stick to the plan to the letter.
Another question: I think LT maintenance products are a bit on the pricey side so I want to just to healthy eating etc...does anybody know a guideline/calories amount that you shouldn't go over? I imagine 1200kcals would be the max but perhaps after such a drastic diet maybe to start at 1000kcals a day?
Any opinions, ideas or advice would be so greatly welcomed
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Im not sure i understand what youre saying ... are you saying you arent going to follow the refeed plan as you cant buy the maintenence products? You don't need them you can do refeed with the normal LT shakes. You also dont need the maintainence products for after refeed. They are there as a meal substitute if you need them, almost like a security blanket. You don't need them after refeed.

I haven't gained on any of my refeeds. Not many people do.

My advice is to do the refeed with the shakes and then find a suitable eating plan for you. What fits you and your life the best and of course, everything healthy but dont deprive yourself. I think if you are planning on eating 1000 cals a day after your refeed you are going to be eating too few and could very well have a blow out, even 1200 is fairly low. Trust me on that one!

Im not sure of the site but if you get a hold of JanD on here on the maintainence section (as i never remember what the site is called) there is a site that calculates your body weight etc and tells you how many cals you should be eating to stay the same weight.

Hope all goes well, any questions etc just post em up here - always someone around :)
Hi Summergurl,

Thanks for the advice, no I'm definitely doing the LT shakes for my re-feed, I actually quite like them. Kered on the other thread was telling me how much I will enjoy my first meal tomorrow! I must admit I'm nervous. I hear you about the 1000kcals, I will find out based on my weight/height how many I need to continue to lose 2lbs a week (its a big ask, I'm so thrilled with losses to date)
Tomorrow is my last 100% TFR weigh-in! Fingers crossed to go out with a bang! Thanks for ur help and advice...your pics are AMAZING!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Thanks chick.
Ah, glad you are doing refeed with shakes! lol
You will absolutly find your first meal amazing! I can still remember mine! After 6 months without food it was divine! No need for salt just plain salad and chicken. I still now very very rarely add salt to food - its quite amazing how much yer taste buds do change :)

Enjoy your meal. It is a scary thought but once you've done it youre fine. The funniest bit for me was picking up a knife and fork after 6 months! I was like huh?!!!! :rotflmao:
I'm actually quite nervous to be honest, I think I'm just going to get a chicken breat 120g and bake it in tin foil in the oven and have a bit of rocket and onion with it, I won't add salt I wouldn't be a fan of adding it to food anyway, its healthier. I'm actually looking foward to tasting the chicken. Wow 6 months on 100% thats fantastic, fair play to you, the photo's are great you should be the LT rep...you know like the Slimming World slimmer of the year! I haven't reached my goal yet, I'm going to do that through healthy eating habits to educate myself about portion size/healthy options etc. Hope to get to goal by Oct for wedding (ordered dress in size 10) :) Thanks for advice xx


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Oh actually, i baked my first chicken breast in tin foil too but i did add some lemon juice!

Let me know how ya get on tomorrow! :) Enjoy it ma sweet x


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Thats the one Mary!
I never remember it! lol
Hi Mary,

Thanks so much for that, thats fantastic! It says I need 1476kcals a day! Yikes didn't think it would be that much but I'll be sure to make sure there is plenty of fresh fruit, veg, lean proteins, high fibre foods and in a couple of weeks one or two cheeky Vodkas ;-)
Hi Mary,

I have and it was to die for...I'm just staring my refeed diary now...so check back and see what I had to feast on!! Thanks for all your advice too, I was nervous until I put the fork into my mouth then it was amazing!! Just going to start the diary now!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Mrsd2b well done on raching your size 10 goal and on a great result after TFR. Stick to your refeed sheet and you will do well. Going forward, the best plan is to accept that some weeks you may gain a little if you overeat or have too much to drink but once you address that the following week then you will not let things get out of control. I have followed a GL regime since finishing a six month stint on TFR and I have now lost an additional 12lbs. I also use myfitnesspal.com to keep track of my total calorie intake. I find this a brilliant way of keeping track. They also have an iphone app if you use an iphone.
Lots of luck for your refeed.
Thanks Molly,

I'm going to use myfitnesspal now! thanks for telling me!

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