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I just hope I do it. The most I stick at diets is a week to 2 weeks, maybe 3 and I barely seen results. All it takes id one slip for me, on chinese takeaway, ( MY BIGGEST DOWNFALL) one night out and I'm back to square one:cry: I want to get out of this mess Im in, its crazy that size 12s barley fit me anymore and now going into 14s, I feel Im getting bigger and bigger as the weeks go on. I have been struggling for 2years to find a job, I worked full time nealry everyday of my life!! and now my husbands jo has taken me to the sticks I feel so trapped. Now the weight is creeping in because Im sitting in comfort eating and when he's away it gets worse I usually have a chinese 4 times a week, and when he's home I eat like him, you see he can eat what he wants and doesnt put an inch on!!! I hope I do this!!! xxxxxx:break_diet:
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You can do it. Just take each day at a time, and if you do slip a little don't beat yourself up, just pick yourself up for the next day! :)
:)thank you!! I just need to find something to keep me motivated until I get back into work, all I do with my friends is lunch out or hit the town every couple of weeks and now I can't do that!!! My first couple of days on CD I nealy phoned a takeaway because I was so bored. It does trap you abit but I just keep thinking it's not forever, as soon as its off I can eat healthy meals - and treat myself every now and again but just doing it differently, not going into a binge! X


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I have the same problem on days I work from home, twice a week - I get bored so eat a packet of biscuits. I will be jobless in Nov, so intend to go for a long walk every day or go swimming - anything to get me out of the house and away from the kids sweets.
Yes I think I'm going to start walking again, I live in a really rural town so theres loads of places to go for long walks. It is hard when your in the house I know but we will get there x:)


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Hey, how are you getting on?

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