Refocused but must stop nibbling!!


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After a serious blip I am now back on CD and doing ok. My main problem is nibbling.
I put the food in my mouth before thinking about it then I think oh well it's done now and nibble a bit more!!

It's really driving me mad - I have stayed the same weight for a couple of weeks now all because of my nibbling. How do I break the habit?
First of all, well done on taking control!! About the nibbling, try talking yourself out of it before you do it...if you find that too hard to manage initially, try not continuing after you've realised you've done it the first time. Don't take the initial blip as an excuse to continue and hopefully if you can manage that, you will be able to stop the nibbling totally. I hope this helps :)
Hi Helen, I was thinking about you yesterday and wondered where you had gone.

I had two bad weeks last week and the week before (totm - it wasn't two full weeks but it was enough to knock me off track).

This week though saw me pass through the 50 day mark and I pledged to myself that I would see through the other half of this journey without eating anything.

Somehow it gave me renewed energy to get back on track. I have made a concerted effort to drink more (have started to drink the water warm to help it go down) and to stop the nibbling. I am very conscious of this when I cook for the others and so always have a soup about 10 minutes before I start cooking so that I am not at all hungry and that helps the nibbles. I am very conscious when I am cooking now not to put anything in my mouth and if I get food on my hands I keep a tea towel next to me so I'm not tempted to lick.

It has been a huge effort but I have been abstinent again now since last Monday and I am just taking each minute as it comes.

The other thing that helps is for me to have drawn a line under the episode and to contain it - it happened, it is done, I can't bring the food back but I can make sure that it doesn't happen again in the same 5 minutes, then 10 and so on until all cravings have passed.

And keep on posting here, by being deadly honest and putting it out in the open helps deal with it a lot more.
take yourself away from the routine that makes you want to eat - if you nibble cos your bored have a bath or do some housework, if its cos you can smell the food, go for a walk.. its not as easy to do as to say, but its breaking the habit and that is so hard to do (from my experience)

Its good you are refocused so I have no doubt you will have a better week this week..

Good Luck!