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Regaining control of drinking wine, eating crisps to become a skinny malinky

G: 10st10lb
well week 1 is over and I have managed to loose a whooping 5lb. I am delighted to say the least. I have managed to stick to the extra easy plan 100% and can confirm not a drop of vino has passed my lips, the odd gin maybe but not wine!

I am hoping that by posing my diary on here that I can get advice along the way as everyone on her seems to be so knoweldgeable about everything sliming world. I have been able to get answers to all the questions I have had this week. I've not liked the answers to some of the questions such as; Banana Smooties are not free and Lasagne sheet crisps also need a syn value (whoops, I have ate a few sheets worth of these).

I have tried every diet on the planet some I have lost with other not but either way I have not been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle so Slimming World seems the perfect solution. I have not been hungry all week and have managed to survive days out where I was uanble to plan ahead. Things do seem to good to be true!

so my downfalls will be wine, I do love a glass or two of wine and before joining slimming world I was having a very large glass a night (more at weekends) but I realise if I want to get slim and healthy I need to reserve the wine for special occasions. If I am having a stressful week/day at work a gin and tonic does just the job with a fraction of the syns but I am trying to leave alcohol full stop till the weekend. My other downfall is crisps. I could live on a diet of crisps. I have yet to find a make or flavour of crisps that I do not like 'giggle' oh and I can quite easily eat them by the bucket load. This is hte one food I am cutting out all together. If I have one bag it could be my downfall. Im sure further down the line I will reintoduce criss but Im far to weak right now :p

I have started week 2 today and am hoping that another good week awaits me. I am hoping to update my diary as often as possible as this is to be my place where I can be really honest and ask for help and supoort when needed.

I have about 4 stone to loose but am breaking it done to 2 stone targets. so 5lb down 23lb to go to first target.

have a good day xx
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Woman on a mission!
S: 11st9lb C: 11st9lb G: 10st2lb BMI: 28 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Good luck Shiny21.
5lb is a great start!

I, like you am a wine fiend! I love it - it does not love me, and so I am slowly ending my reletionship with it - lol!

Its voddie all the way for me from now on - apart from special occasions.

Good luck and look forward to hearing about how you get on x
Great loss!

I too am a crisp fiend and would get through a whole huge packet of kettle chips on my own on a Saturday night *blush* but now I've got into chopping cucumber/carrot and peppers up and having them with a vodka and diet coke instead. I can't lie it did take some getting used to but now I can't imagine going back to how I was.

But, like you, I have to avoid them all together as I cannot be trusted to have just one.

G: 10st10lb
thanks both for your replies, its nice to know sometimes your not the only one who struggles with certain foods/drinks. I have a large bottle of Gin ready for emergencys hahaha. thanks again xx
S: 19st3lb C: 13st9lb G: 13st3lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 5st8lb(29%)
Don't know whether you're supposed to save syns up, but I'm sure everyone does and I certainly do. I don't have any syns in any of my daily food (fruit for breakfast, salad with pasta/meat for lunch or leftover tea from night before, big syn free meal for tea) then I can have a botte of wine on both friday and saturday every week, plus 5 or 6 beers here and there.

I've lost 3.5 stone in 5 months, so it deffo works for me

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