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Reggae Reggae Sauce


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Hi, I found this on another website so not sure if it helps you or not
Originally Posted by Flat Eric

I have found some levi roots reggae reggae sauce in the cupboard

I get awfully confused when trying to use the syn calculator.....

so I enter the info from the back of the jar as follows: -

typical values per 100g
energy, 512kj, 121 kcal
proteing 1.1g
carbohydrate 28.8g of which sugars 27.1g
fat 0.1 of which saturates 0.0g
fibre 0.5g
sodium 0.4

size of bottle is 310g

so i enter this information and it tells me that the syn value is
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]19 Syns per package/portion on Green or Original[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]does this mean 19 syns for the whole bottle ? it surely cant be 19 syns per portion?

I get really confused when I use the calculator as im never quite sure how to read the result it tells me.

can anyone shed any light on the issue ?[/FONT]

Lets see if this helps...

The amount that you type in the 'package/portion size' box is the amount it will give you the syns for.

So if you want to use 1 tbsp, put in 15g
If you are going to use half the bottle, type 155g
If you want to use the whole bottle, put in 310g

That way, you can see the syns for the amount you will actually use


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I used the nutritional values in the list below and it comes out at 1 syn per tbsp on both days. It would be 19 syns for the whole bottle.

The way to calculate the syns is that a tbsp is approx 15g. So in the portion size of the calculator, you use 15g, and it equates to 1 syn. Hope this makes sense?
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i have it in the house and usually count it at about the same as ketchup, brown sauce and all orther sauces that are similar so yea 1 syn for tbsp sounds about right to what i have been doing
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loving reggae reggae sauce!!! woop woop!!


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I've never heard of it, what is it like?


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barbecue sauce with a big hit of chili. you can use it like ketchup or marinade meat in it, but for someone reason if you use it as a marinade it get even more spicier when heated.

it is absolutely gorgeous - well worth buying.

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