reputation comments?


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I want to know too!!


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Hi girls

Hope I can answer your questions:confused:

If you click on cp user you can see your rep points and most recent comments.

Rep points are a way of approving of what someone has posted. You give them by clicking on the white scales which is the middle icon on the bottom left of the post that you approve of. The more comments you have and the more points you get as well as the more you post the more rep points you get. The amount of rep points you can give to others is the rep power no you have. Hope this is making sense. For instance if a newbie gives a positive comment it is lovely but does not give you any points whereas if you look at my post I have rep power of 30. so if i approve of your post you would get 30 points. Hope this is making sense.:rolleyes:

Happy collecting.:)

Dizzy x

ps. It's only for fun, you can't buy anything with them like nectar points or clubcard points unfortunately!;)


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Well said Dizzy!

Here is a picture of the icon...

You can give people reputation points by clicking the


You need to get over 100 points, till you get 1 reputation power. Which is what shows to people.

As you can see I am limited to giving 10 points.

Love Mini xxx


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:D :D :D I think I need my eyes testing I can see the symbol is now scales but I thought it looked like a tree in winter:eek: :eek: :eek:


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It looks like a fire hydrant to me. lol