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I was just thinking, many people give you reputation but leave no comments or who its from, well I would love to give some back but people dont leave there name so cant...!

Just wanted to say ....especially to newbies if you give reputation please put your username if you dont want to comment so we can return the favour......thanx ! :D
Agree there Sonkie, it's nice to know who's being so kind :)
Ummm. Not sure about this.

I have occassionally left my initials, usually when it's to someone who knows me well and the comment would make more sense then.

In some ways I'd love to see who has given the rep....especially if they ask me a question and I can't reply cos I don't know who it is!

But. Really rep points should be given because you approve of a message on the board....not because you owe it to someone who's given you one, even if you do want to return the favour.

So...weighing it up...I actually like the fact it doesn't put our names up there. The message has been useful to someone. That's all that's needed :)
I understand what you mean, I dont give rep back, I do it when I appreciate someones post, not just because they have given me some points. It would be nice to know who appreciates your message....! :D
Yes only special people that are minimins members!;)

Click on the white scales middle icon on the bottom left of the post that you approve of.

Dizzy x
The more rep power you have the more points you get. So if KD gave you reputation, you would get something like 35 points, but if a newbie gave you points, it might only be 0 or 1 point.

The idea is that green bar grows as you get more points.

Aaahhh .... all is now clear!

I too had wondered about that. May I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has left me a message or boosted my points - you know who you are!!!

Now I know how to give them, too!!