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Resetting stats?


I will be a Princess!
Hi all!

Right, it's time to hop back on the wagon after about 6 months of faffing around! My question is this...should I reset my stats and start again, or carry on as I am? I don't go to group, so my only record of any weight loss is on MM.

In a way I get completely disheartened when I see that my weight loss has been nothing over the last 20 or so weeks, but I'm not sure I want to lose all records of losing just about 5 stone.

What does everyone think? All thoughts welcome :) xxx
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As long as you didn't regain the weight I'd keep the records and carry on.
To be honest if it were me I'd want to keep my history. It's part of your overall journey - you just stopped off on the way!


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I fell off for 7 weeks and am back on it now. Even though I'm not weighing myself until a week on Friday (damage limitation, then I will update), I still want to keep my stats, as like Krupskaya says, it's most definitely a journey. Most importantly, welcome back xxxxx


I will be a Princess!
Thanks for all the replies, and thanks for the welcome back :) I think I might keep my stats...I've updated them and now will just carry on from here. I guess they're something to be proud of, not something to get disheartened about :) xxx
Not much to add but you have lost a lot, regardless of faffing around and that is something to be really proud of. Plus you've refocused to get back in to it x


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Looking at your stats, Sian, between week 38 and 53 it reads you only gained 3.5lb in 15 weeks! that's no too shabby at all! I gained much, much more than that in 2 weeks holiday recently:p

Get back into the game.

Welcome "home"

Keep them so you can remind yourself you can do it and see how far you have come. I also have been off the SW wagon since December - thought I would try calorie counting - didn't even shift 1/2 a pound! 2 weeks on SW and Ive already knocked off 4.
Wishing you luck on weightloss, you know you can do it :)
I'd reset them if you really feel you've 'faffed' around for the last 6mths. That way you can start a fresh, new begining & all that;)
That is what I have just done for those very reasons.

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