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Resisting Temptation

I'm off to the beach later with some of the neighbours,

They're all going to be sitting there stuffing their faces with delicious fish and chips, and seeing as I'm on Day 4 I could easily do the same.


NOOOOOOOOO!! I won't be doing it. !!! I am taking a Bar with me, and a piece of chicken I cooked last night.
I shall not give in. :)
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I'm doing total, but I bought some chicken a couple of days ago that has to be eaten so I am putting one breast in over the next few days as a meal and then will just stick to shakes, soups and bars. I have lost 5lbs this week already so it doesn't seem to be doing me any harm.
just look at the fish and chips as fat ... it's kinda the same colour it will smell nice but when you think about it as liquid fat in your body it will really put you off....remember not even 1 chip ! :D
have a nice time we have rain on and off here in not so sunny kent now lol !! much needed ,
S x
Yeah ergh all that grease !!! Disgusting!
How I look forward to having fish and chips again, every now and again that is, is just smells so nice.

Well done Cherise in resisting temptation, I have to admit that seems to be what this diet is all about, resisting temptation.
I did it!!! Sat there in the fish and chip shop watching them with their plates of food, the salt and vinegar all over it.

I tore slowly at the chicken and ate half the bar, saved the rest for tomorrow. Sat there sipping water. And I felt good!!! :) Hahaha all those fish and chip lbs not on my body !!! :D


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The enjoyment of the fish and chips would have lasted seconds but the pleasure you'll feel from knowing that you didn't give in will give you a longer lasting buzz, well done x


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Well done im trying to resist temptation so i had a extra soup today cuz if i didnt it would have been anything i could gat my hands on !!
Well done everyone for resisting the temptation!! We can do it! x
and wannbesize10 i love yr photos just shows it can be done x
Thank you Calligas ... now back to finish the job and get off the stone i re-gained !

i have to admit that bread is something i have banished from my diet not just while doing a vlcd ... i think the yeast makes me retain water and look and feel bloated i use to love bread and eat 3-4 slices with lump of cheese for a snack :eek: but have not touched it for about 18 months now and can honestly say i can not stand it now, when not on vlcd i live on ryrita's ... be intresting to see how you feel about bread once you are on re-feed, as some people don't realise the effects ,
after saying all this i just remembered i have had some garlic bread in those 18months but just because i adore garlic i think lol !!
sorry going off on one .. just feel so much better without bread in my life,

Miss Bean - get you !! well done i love the feeling of watching everyone else eat while resisiting it is so impowering esp as they really want you to cave in ... i have that to look forward to as a birthday at work with choc cake tomorrow but i'll be strong ! :p .... well done all for resisting just shows how strong you are !! xx


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Well done everyone on resisting temptation (but all that talk of f*** and ch*** has made me drool!

I started being tempted yesterday, so I locked myself in my bedroom and played dressy ups for an hour. I found so many clothes that are too big already and put them in a bag for the charity shop - and everything left is either fitting much more nicely (no button gape) or will do quite soon. This made me feel so chuffed that I didn't cave in at the finish (but it was a close thing!)


reaching my goal
well done helen , i do that sometimes it spurs you on when you see the changes in the way ur clothes fit x


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well seein how i always share my bad news with u, i thought i would share the good.
i have just been to the see front and sat while my husband has just stuffed his face with an icecream while i had that lovely h2o, and to top it off he bought some chips and asked me to hold them, talk about support.
and i never even nicked 1, so with all those smells of chips, doughnuts and burgers, i can pat myself on back and say well done.
I am now home and settling down to my vanilla shake lollies, yum yum:p

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