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Resisting the Urge


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Dont head for the chocolate or next time it could be you with a suspected heart attack ( dont mean to sound cruel). Say a wee prayer for him, and look at the before and after picks on here to discourage you from grabbing the chocolate, i don hope your brothers ok x
Oh no, that's awful, I do hope he's ok! Keep us posted won't you!

As for the chocolate, tough one - it won't help, it won't change anything and in the long run it won't make you feel any better, but, you have much more important things to think and worry about at the moment, so I wouldn't like to tell you not to have it because in the great scheme of things a bit of chocolate doesn't seem like a very big deal in your present situation.

I hope he's ok (and I hope you're ok also!) x
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I agree with whats already been said, the chocolate wont help and in the long run will only make matters worse. If you really need something then go for a bitter and low milk content, good quality dark chocolate which has less fat and sugar in. Really sorry to hear bout your brother, I hope he makes a full recovery and everything is ok! Sending hugs your way xxx

I didn't resist the urge, but I did have a packet of maltesers and as I am on core, I have pointed according.

What I am really happy though, is that I DID NOT ALLOW myself to make it into a full blown binge like I normally do - so I am happy about that.

I was pointing, but now I am on the core plan, and I feel really good on it.

How is everyone else doing ? I did have a blip last week and it was the TOTM and I put up 1lb. Honestly, it was nothing to do with the 5 bars of chocolate I had in one day : LOL :)

But if I can survive today, I can survive anything - excuse the pun.

Will keep you posted.




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Well done on limiting it babes ... you did well.

Hope your Bro is ok .. please keep us informed,

I think you did brilliantly to stop at a bag of malteesers - I always find that once I start on the sweet things, I can't stop, so having those malteesers and stopping there is great going, well done.

How's your brother doing?


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Just caught up with this thread! .. I hope your brother is feeling a little better!~ Thinking of you xx and well done for not binging! xx
Hi All,

Brother is doing great. It was not a heart attack, and they are doing tests on him, but whippeee, his heart is strong. So I will keep you posted. He has had all the bloods done, an ECG and about 50 million other things, but I am not sure what the outcome is yet.


Oh that's great news about it not being his heart, you must be so relieved! I'm so pleased.

How's your diet going?
Hi Girlies & guys of course.

Well, I lost 1/2 lb yesterday. Loosing on average 1 lb a week, course its week 6 and down 6. There is a part of me that would like more, but I was thinking half a pound a week is 24lbs a year, that'll do me, as I have 25lbs to loose.

Wish me luck.



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