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Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet Returners' started by Duchess_wobbles, 28 December 2008 Social URL.

  1. Duchess_wobbles

    Duchess_wobbles Well-Known Member


    I am binger, i live food im a comfort eater, i have low self esteem and as a result i have put on 2 1/2 stone in a year.

    Now when i met my partner i was a nice 11st, 1 year later its 13.7

    It bothers me - i dont want to go, dont want to be seen naked, low libido etc. My partner tries to be supportive but i know he preferred me smaller.

    So i went on a 5 day bender at xmas - now today ive stuck to cd.

    Im going to just grab it and hold on until i can lose enough.

    Im going to set mini goals and treats for myself.

    13st 7lb 27th Dec

    ultimate goal weight 9st - May 1st
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  3. Kira

    Kira Well-Known Member

    Duchess you are not on your own! I am binger and comfort eater and now I can add a compulsive CD re-starter (since having initially lost over 2 and half stones). I have gained about 17 pounds in the last 3 months but most of that I put on by mindless comfort eating that really hasn't comforted me (if you now what I mean?) I am re-starting CD today for the umpteenth time. I too am sick and tired of being sick and tired but this time I will do something about it - something about your post has really clicked with me and I think I'll get through day 1 of CD today.
  4. Duchess_wobbles

    Duchess_wobbles Well-Known Member

    Thanks Kira, I appreciate the support and am glad if its helped you too.

    We know it can be done, we just sabotage ourselfs.

    From now on if i get a craving i am going to say it out loud and weigh up the consequences. I find that helps.
  5. stoshy

    stoshy Well-Known Member

    hey we should all pledge to restart and keep eachother updated so we dont fall of the wagon........... i defo need all the support my friends n family are all bladdy skinny so they cant join me
  6. emma237

    emma237 Well-Known Member

    Hi Duhess how are you getting on? Im restarting cd on 8th and can't wait.

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