Restarter - Day 5

I'm posting on this site in the hope that I get some replies, the lipotrim site is always quieter and makes you feel like mandy no mates. :cry:
Day 5 today, day off work, so I can drink my water, the water cooler in work is empty (firm haven't paid the bill !)so yesterday was a disaster in the water drinking way. I had 2 squares of chocolate last night, left over from christmas and my granchildren had found it at the weekend!! No more left now.:)
I have my first shake about 9.30am, I realy try and drag out the next one until mid afternoon but as I work in a store that can be a bit difficult, when I'm at home though it's not a problem. My last shake is about 7/7.30pm.
Hope to hear from some of you,my daughter is on Cambridge and it does seem slightly easier, any other lipotrimmers out there ?
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Hi Goldgranny,

I'm supposed to be working ;) but I didn't want you to think we were all ignoring you! :D

I split my packs in half so that I have six smaller shakes/soups per day. I find this much easier since I can have something mid morning and mid afternoon (my trouble times). I'm on CD but I expect you would be able to do it with LL too. I've got a really anal personality so I weigh the packs and then measure out half into the water (or into a tiny tub for taking to work), but I expect you could just do it based on number of teaspoons or something.

Hope this helps. :D


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shold be cleaning upstairs ......but a quick post here to say ..forget that chocolate ..............drink that water and post here !! xx


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Hi Anne-marie

Day 5? Well done you! Forget the chocolate, that's done and dusted and you did well to contain it - if that was me i'd have eating the entire contents of my local shop!! lol.

I'm on LL, all the VLCD's are pretty much the same i think, great way to lose weight quickly!! Altho a killer sometimes re the feeling of deprivation. I really think it's worth it tho, no other diet has ever worked for me!


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Welcome back Anne-Marie

Hello Anne-Marie and a thousand welcomes back.

How are you? This is a good time to be re-starting, as Spring time is around the corner.

I maintained and lost a little bit over winter, but the grrrrrrreeat news this week is I am now 10st 12lbs. It has been a long time coming, but I'm there and it feels so good.

I have all my 4 shakes on CD hot at the moment as they last longer and are more comforting just now. You may be able to have 4 Lipotrim and still lose, as you are the same height as me at 5' 8".

I'll look out for your posts and you can always pm me.

Love and regards
Marylyn xxx