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Restarter - WAS Anyone as big as me & succeeded?

I know that sounds like a stupid question but I just feel that I am HUGE right now & would like to hear from anyone who has made it or is in teh process.
Just need some success stories I think for my motivation :)

Wish me luck, Day 2 & struggling

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Hi - I was way bigger than you and I am on my way to succeeding. I have lost over 3 stones in 9 weeks - and it is making me very happy. I am on my way to my 4th stone now!
WOW Well done you!! Thats alot of weight in 9weeks :)
Thanks for that, I am looking forward to when my clothes start to be too big again :)

I Was 18st 3lb and I have been following something similar to the cambridge diet and after 20 weeks I am 2lb off of 5 stone.

Stick at it, my motivation was to be a able to go to all the high street stores and not have to worry about finding clothes to fit.:eek:
Congratulations, what a success. How have you done it for 20wks? Does it become the norm after a while ar is it still a bit of a fight with your cravings?
When I first did a VLCD a few years back I was 290lb's and I lost six stone in six months! It really is possible! Keep going and good luck x
Thats an absolutely AMAZING loss hun, thanks for that :) Am doing ok but only day 3 so taking it a day at a time
Day three has always been the hardest for me, but once you're through today, its plain sailing! Keep going and keep glugging that water! I am currently best friends with our office toilet!!
I'm the same height as you and a similar weight when I first started CD in April this year. I've now just passed the 6 stone mark and am hoping to be at goal before Christmas. Stay focussed, think positive and you can achieve anything! Good luck! xx.
Thanks Lisa & well done on that first week loss, hope I can do that it will be a fab boost. Seeing that 11lbs loss on your profile has just made me feel so much more determined so cheers for the reply :)
Wow Sue thats fantastic :) I really hope & pray I am as focused as you


Nearly "Normal"

I was 18stone 4lbs When I started in February, in 6 Months I was 10 stone 5lbs!! I loved every minute of it, Primark was my new best friend and once you see the results, it becomes fun, trust me!

Then I gave up smoking, got a boyfriend and started eating/drinking again so put 3 stone back on (mustn't eat the same portions as a 20 stone lump of muscle) which is nearly back off bar 7lbs, all thanks to 8 weeks of Sole Source.

It rocks!! Good Luck!


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