Restarters need advice despo for it


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So I lost all my weight for christmas.. However over the past month i've gained a stone or two my own fault went a bit awol as it was christmas, new year then my birthday! So it was meals out etc

Totaly feck up :mad:

Anyway has any1 ever made the same mistake am finding it so hard to get back on to the diet! :sigh:

In the 1st week how much do you loose if u are a restarter is it still 5lb+ or a bit less?
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Oh yes, check my signature. I lost lots of weight Oct 09 to Feb 10 then gained most of it back in 3 months!

My advice is definitely to keep at it. Take one day at a time, your only goal to be make it through that day. If you slip up ignore it and keep on going. I've started, restarted and slipped so many times now. The only difference between now and those other times is my persistence and determination to get to that goal regardless.

In answer to your other question, I've always lost 9-10lbs week 1 then my rate is usually around 2.5-4lbs a week. I'm very sedentary though so that's a big factor.

Good luck and welcome back!


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Hi Charl x
i am fairly new to thing VLCD thing, i started before christmas lost 5 in week i and 5 in week 2, then stuffed at christmas and put 7 on, restarted in January and lost 8 the first week (mostly fluid) i'm loosing between 3-4 a week, of pure blubber!!! which is a Great feeling, just tell yourself that it's got to happen and get on with it, the sooner,
you start the less of you there will be.