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Restarting again and again and again and again

I'm really struggling to get back on the cambridge diet and I need some help! :-( I did the diet last year and got down to 13stone but since then I've yo yo'd and I'm now back at 15 stone 10 and feeling as depressed as ever. For the past few weeks I've woken up every morning with the good intentions of getting back on the diet, I'm desparate to lose the weight, but by 11am, I'm snacking on toast, crisps, biscuits and just about anything i can lay by hands on!

I've thought about other diets, I've tried a few but having done the cambridge diet once and lost so much weight so quickly, I just can't go back to losing 2lbs a week :-( I need to get the weight off and I just need some help to keep me on track! Its almost like I'm taken over by the urge to eat and once I start I just can't stop :-(

Anyone else have this problem? I want tomorrow to be the day that I get back on this thing and stay on it. I'm of on holiday in August and if I could stick at this for 3 months it would make such a difference, but the day are ticking by! I need to do this now :-(

Please help!

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You sound so like me, I had to double check to make sure I hadn't been sleep posting, lol!
I do exactly the same as you, every day is the day I'm going to stick with it and every day by 6pm I picking at anything and everything (ok all day at work but then the cupboards tempt at home).
Let's try together?
I lost 6st last year, got down in the 10's, had a tummy tuck & boob uplift but am currently 12st 5lb. I know that I can do it, it's just sticking to SS for a few days and getting over that worst bit and then the rest is so much easier.
How about we challenge each other and we can update on our struggles and losses - we will lose!! Won't we?
Let's try to catch up this evening, I get in from work about 5.30pm, although I'll try & check the boards from work if the boss not looking. Good luck hun, perhaps we need tto think bikinis :rolleyes:


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Hi Laura

I know just how you feel. I lost 2 stone in 6 weeks with LL in 2006, felt brilliant and really believed I could reach my goal. Then got ill, couldn't continue and have struggled ever since to get back on. Every other diet seems far too slow but SS seems too hard to start.

As Pompey said though, the first few days are the hardest and then you'll feel great! Maybe now the warm weather is here it will be a constant reminder of your hol in August and keep you on track?

Anyway, good luck for today - let us know how you get on.


Thanks for all the support, I've not been too bad today, drank loads of water, had a strawberry shake and ended up with a chicken salad, :) I'm definately a 790 girl, just can't do the SSing :) Will keep you posted on how I go, I have to go and see my counsellor tonight :) Love Laura x


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Hi Laura :)

I could have written what you wrote!! It's soooo tough!

When i did Cambridge before (Jan 08) i only lasted 2wks and i was always wanting to eat something! This time round i've been on it 5wks 7dys. The reason i've lasted this long is because last time i took the soups, shakes and bars. This time i ONLY take the Tetras and i find them sooo filling, especially if you have them as an icecream ;)

With the Chocolate one you can also have it as a hot chocolate which is what i do every morning, YUMMY!! I have my other 2 Tetras as icecreams, especially since the weather is so good right now.

I also drink 6pts of water (now and again using the Cambridge flavourings) and a Herbal Tea about 2 to 3 times a week. Iused to have one every day. I also chew alot of chewing gum ;)

I don't know anyone else that is using the Tetras ONLY but maybe if your struggling like i was first time around, you might want to give the Tetras a go for even a week to get you back on track? I didn't like the soups, shakes and bars :( I wish i did as it would give me more of a selection but to be honest i know i would be taking at least 2 Tetras per day BECAUSE i find them so much more filling.

Oh! I also started a Blog to pin down my high/low points, my emotions while on this diet etc etc. Really helped me in the beginning but i still post on it.

Good luck! I'll be dropping by to see how your doing :)

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