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Restarting AND Struggling!!!


Proud to be a LOSER :)
S: 11st4lb C: 9st7.5lb G: 8st13.5lb BMI: 23.6 Loss: 1st10.5lb(15.51%)
Hey guys,

I am hoping by starting a diary online that I will be able to improve my dieting habits, get some feedback on what I'm doing wrong (or right!) and continue this weight loss! Firstly, let me tell you about my background...

I am doing the SW diet. I am very used to it now. I've been doing it for years (with positive results) but when I get close to my target (or median target) I give up! This was back when I used to do it at home and not go to a class.

Why Do I Want To Lose Weight?

I want to lose weight because I am sick of being fat. I'm fed up having to not wear something because it shows my belly, or my bingo wings. I wanna look at photos and feel beautiful. I want to be active & healthy (especially as I'm training to be a Primary teacher this year!)

When Do I Want To Lose The Weight By?

I start my PGCE on 5th September at a new university with new people
It's my birthday on 4th October.
I have my graduation from my previous university on 2nd November.

Check out my signature for my 'mini targets'.

What Are My Targets?

Interim Target: 10st 10lbs
Club 10: 10st 3lbs
Interim Target: 9st 12lbs
Final PAT: 9st 7lbs

In The Beginning...

I decided on 23rd May 2011 that I would join a class (the same one as my older sister) and really work hard to lose this weight!

Here were my results:

23/05: 11st 5lbs
30/05: 11st 2lbs (-3lb)
06/06: 10st 12lbs (-4lb) half a stone lost :D
13/06: 10st 11.5lbs (-0.5lbs) bit gutted! :sigh:
20/06: 10st 9lbs (-2.5lbs)
27/06: 10st 8lbs (-1lb)

Then... it all went wrong . I had to move away to London from 1st July until 1st August to work for an International Summer Activity School. I had breakfast, lunch & dinner for free at the canteen (it was based at a university!) and the food was not healthy. The only food that was 'edible' or was ever available by the time the 140 kids had finished were the chips and the donuts and cookies for dessert. I tried for the first week to be "good" but with the stress of the job you just had to eat what you could when you could, be it a plate of chips or a bar of chocolate.

When I got back to group, I knew I would have gained... I started at a new group (because I am starting my PGCE in Sept and wouldnt be able to make the Monday group)

06/08: 11st 1.5lb (+7.5lb) :eek:

Okay... so I haven't reached my start weight, but still, 7.5lb in 4 weeks is gutting. But just have to move past it... only, I am finding it soooo hard to get back onto the diet. I keep having the odd bit of chocolate, or some extra bread, or a wrap and not sticking to syns!

I have my weigh in tomorrow. I am hoping even if I lose just 0.5lbs then maybe it'll be a kick up the bum that I need... but I just don't know....

I am hoping that you lovely people can offer some advice to keep my on track? How do you do it? People with alot of weight to lose... what keeps you motivated?
Thanks for taking the time to read my story

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S: 235lb C: 203lb G: 122lb Loss: 32lb(13.62%)
Hi Danni

I'm finding it really hard to get back into diet mode as well. And then when I do slip up (often!) it's even harder to start going again. I think the key for me over the past few weeks has been that when I eat something that I really shouldn't I will no longer allow myself to use it as an excuse to abandon the diet for the rest of the day/week/whatever. Gradually (and it has taken about a month) the number of slip ups have reduced, and when it does happen I simply add it to my food tracker and work with it.

I discovered that going off track with what I eat happens when I don't think about it, so now I think very carefully before I eat anything - especially if I hadn't planned to eat it. Which leads me to the other thing that is working: I am planning what I eat very carefully. On the one hand, this is beyond boring and takes a degree of pleasure out of food. I truly believe that food *should* be a pleasure and that by being so prescriptive about what I eat I am criminalising my own behaviour in a way. But I have made a decision that I can't continue to be this size, so something has to give. My current strategy is to plan - very roughly - two weeks worth of menus. I account for when I will be eating out for lunch because of my schedule, and I build in any planned meals with friends. For meals with friends, I make sure that I have all my "extra" weekly points available. Somehow, having others watch me figure out what I can eat at a restaurant/dinner party stresses me out even more, but knowing in advance (by checking the restaurant menu/asking what will be served) helps me feel more in control.

I order my groceries online strictly by the list I've prepared. This means that I won't be tempted by extras when going round the supermarket. I also plan a weekly non-food treat, e.g. pedicure, magazine that I wouldn't normally buy, trip to art gallery etc so I get used to rewarding myself with non-food means.

I'm also eating with other people more. This may sound odd, but I find sitting at home eating "diet food" alone feels like a punishment. Eating a meal with a friend is always a pleasure, and I find myself barely noticing that I've switched the pizza for a salad.

I hope that some of my suggestions are useful. I think the main thing is to just keep going, even if you have a bad day or week. You can do it, I promise!

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