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Restarting lipotrim..hopefully

Hi guys. Having been off the shakes for a couple of months Im hopefully starting again. I have done ok over the past couple of months only gaining 1/2 a stone. I didn't get to my goal weight before ending the programme as I was in the process of relocating so fell off the plan and untill now haven't had a chance to find a stockist. I have now and am hoping they will give it to me. Am slightly worried that they may say no! Im only slightly over the recomended bmi although I was considerably over when I started. I just hope they understand and allow me to reach my goal weight.
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Fingers crossed you find a pharmacy that's willing to take you on! TBH, they don't all seem that bothered, so you'll probably be fine!

Glad to hear you've kept the majority of the weight off & good luck :)

Good luck, I hope you have no problems getting back on.

Ah thanks, it's going okay so far I just wish I hadn't needed to have come back on. Oh well a lesson learned I hope!

Yeah me to really. I just couldnt manage it whilst moving and one week I had fast food 3 times which is a real no no for me usually. Just been stuck in service stations every day whilst going back and forth to move. i wish I had stuck to the plan now! Oh well, at least I know that I have the will power this time. Have to really as my clothes don't fit again!! Not really going to find a job wearing the same stuff every day, and Im not forkin out to buy a bigger size again. lol
Sorry quick update on the chemist. I went but the person who deals with it was off so I couldnt find out if I could have it! I have about 5 shakes on me so am goin to have one a day for the next few days, maybe an atkins bar and a healthy meal for dinner. Hope that works till I can get hold of some shakes. Thanks for the support guys, I should have kept coming on here last time as everyone on here was always such an inspiration and so supportive. Good luck to all.x
Hi Richy, it is so easy to rely on takeaways when moving as it is so tiring and it's sooooo much easier to nip into a Chinese/Indian/McDs etc instead of standing in the kitchen cooking! Fortunately since being on LT I've found a new passion for cooking healthy, nutritious meals for everyone! Let's hope this continues when I reach my goal!

*Fingers crossed* that when the chemist in charge of LT returns he/she agrees to giving you the shakes to restart in order to reach goal.

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