Restarting Monday


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Hi All - some of you i got to know a little bit over on the old forum - had a bit of a shock when i went back there today and found it deserted but have to say it was not the same after the revamp.

My story
Lost 2 stone at the start of this year on CD SS. Then went off on a binge - that lasted - SIX MONTHS lol

Am now back at the weight I started at - 12 Stone and need to be down to 9 - so I am restarting again on monday - even though the thought makes me feel nervous and a bit sick to be honest. However i know now that a quick look at myself in the mirror when nude will remind me WHY i need to do it.

i DID give WW a go last month but found myself using all my points on ww cakes and crisps lol and not getting any vitamins or minerals - and i lost about 1lb a week which gave me no encouragement or incentive.

Anyway its nice to see all teh familiar names again and i look forward to getting to know everyone else too.

Guess i need to go make myself a fancy sig or ticker now eh? lol

see you monday with me weigh in figures.
Hi there, Slushy!

Good to see you on here, hun!

Don't be nervous about your fresh start - be excited cos this time you'll do it!!!!!!!!!

Keep us posted!