Restarting next week and have a couple of Qs

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Returners' started by Alibongo, 29 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. Alibongo

    Alibongo Happily pro pointing!

    I am restarting next week, last time I did LL I stopped about April 2008.
    Are the only new foodpacks tomato soup and porridge? Quite looking forward to trying the porridge, I like that kind of thing, hope I like this one.

    Have they changed the consistency of the packs, I seem to remember they were updating some of them so they were easier to mix. I am hoping to be able to take the mushroom soup to work but don't want to have to use any kind of blender/mixer. Really need something I can just mix like a cup-a-soup without it being minging.

    When I first started we were told to drink 4L of water on top of any we used for packs and tea/coffee etc.
    Has this changed now? I seem to remember something about you could now count the water you use for packs and other drinks.

    Has anything else changed?

    Do you still get the same kind of losses second time round?
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  3. karmawitch

    karmawitch Full Member

    I would be interested to know if you have the same losses 2nd time around too.

    I didn't use the soups at all, stayed with shakes all the way, but when I tried to go back in Junish, I got some of the porridges - lets just say as a porridge person, it wasn't to my taste buds !!
  4. slendablenda

    slendablenda Gold Member

    Welcome back Karma, just in time for Halloween.:D
  5. beckle83

    beckle83 Member

    I don't really like porridge so I don't find it any worse than normal porridge. It's definitely nice to have something a bit more solid in your tummy though. There are loads of flavours of packs Alibongo and I never have to use the shaker to mix the soups. I have finally managed to restart properly this week and I think I'm just going into ketosis now. I am soooooooo tiiiiiiiiired. My body is oviously all out of glycogen and all the other kinds of carby stuff and is now trying to work out where to get the energy from. The thighs please! As for losing the same amount the second time round, I have so far, in fact a little more I think. But it's only the end of week one. Best of luck to everyone out there struggling to get off the starting blocks. The longest I've managed it is since June is 2 days! Until now. It is worth getting through the first awful week as I recall. Looking forward to that ketosis high - just hope it hurries up or its going to be a pretty snoozy halloween for me!
  6. Alibongo

    Alibongo Happily pro pointing!

    Hi Beckle
    Glad the packs are mixing well for you, when I first started some of them you just had to use a blender even the mixer cup was no good.
    I have told the girls at work what I am doing and I haven't had any bad reactions, but I still don't want to be making a fuss at lunch time. We make and eat our lunch in our office and I just want to keep inconspicuous.
    I am going to try and treat it as starting from the beginning rather than starting again, I think I can deal with that better.
    Looking forward to getting some good weekly losses, that always used to keep me going.
  7. beckle83

    beckle83 Member

    I'm working with just one other woman at the moment - an old friend. She's skinny as a rake and eats whatever she wants of course! I try to ignore whatever she's having for lunch while I eat my soup. Lately she's started having soup though so I'm a lot less jealous! It is indeed a new beginning rather than a restart. The beginning is so hard but as you say each week the weight comes off it's so motivating. There is definitely no faster way to lose weight. Just got to keep on thinking about how much healthier and foxier we're getting every single day!
  8. beckle83

    beckle83 Member

    Feeling slightly les completely knackered now. I have been bad about drinking enough water - it makes such a difference. Daft question, but how do you put your weight ticker thingy on your posts? I've got one but I don't know how to make it appear here. Thanks! : )
  9. beckle83

    beckle83 Member

    testing testing 123
  10. beckle83

    beckle83 Member

    yeay! a small triumph over technology! now all i need to triumph over is the voice in my tummy disagreeing wih the voice in my head!

  11. Alibongo

    Alibongo Happily pro pointing!

    Lol, looks like you have it sorted.

    I have been having strange feelings today, since I decided I am definitely restarting.
    When I am eating I suddenly find myself thinking 'Oh, I am not supposed to be eating' then realising it is ok, for now!
  12. Spannerwanner

    Spannerwanner technologically ignorant

    I would suggest using a hand whisk for the soups. I add a small amount of cold water and whisk to a paste. Then I add the hot water and keep whisking. The hand whisk is reasonably easy to store at work or carry around.

    The only soup I've managed to get mixed successfully without a whisk is the tomato, I still started with a cold water paste (you have to with the tomato to stop it going powdery) and used a fork. Not as good as the whisk though.
    Last edited: 7 November 2009
  13. MinnieMel

    MinnieMel Why Be Normal?

    Hi Alibongo --

    Quite looking forward to trying the porridge, I like that kind of thing, hope I like this one.

    My counsellor had us try the porridge and I found it quite nice (and filling). It is a good way to start your day -- if you like porridge.:eating:

    but don't want to have to use any kind of blender/mixer. Really need something I can just mix like a cup-a-soup without it being minging.

    I take a LL bar to work, but I have cut it up into little blocks and have it in a small plastic container. I then nibble the blocks -- chewing slowly -- between sips of my hot drink. I save the soups or shakes for my home where I can use a handblender.

    When I first started we were told to drink 4L of water on top of any we used for packs and tea/coffee etc. Has this changed now?

    My LL counsellor said 3 liters, and then more if thirsty and it is important to spread it across the day. I fill four 1/2 liter bottles with flavoured water (St. Clements is my fave) each morning, and carry those four and two with plain water with me to work. I know when they are all empty I have "met my quota" and I have simply sipped all day long. Any tea, coffee, or other water -- is all bonus!

    Do you still get the same kind of losses second time round?[/QUOTE]

    So far so good -- five pounds off in five days, but I realize that this is water and gylcogen, and so I plan to lose five pounds more than I want to maintain.

    I also plan to ease into a "realistic" exercise programme this time. I was not willing or able to maintain so much exercise long-term, so I lost the weight fast last time (five stones in four months). But, when I slacked off on the work outs, I slowly started to put it back on. I have regained about 1/2 of what I lost. :sigh:
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  14. Alibongo

    Alibongo Happily pro pointing!

    Hi MM

    I am really liking the porridge, feels like having a normal breakfast too.

    I had the tomato soup yesterday and the mushroom today and they were both fine just mixing with a bit of cold water first to a paste then topping up with hot.

    I seem to be doing fine with the water too, I think I struggled at the start last time as it was all new, but it is just like riding a bike, it doesn't take long to get back into it.

    I have lost 2lbs so far, although again that is just water etc, but I am not carrying it around, which is the main thing. I will be going down to about 9.5 stones with a view of going back up to 10st after the glycogen etc and maintaining around there. And I will definitely be following RTM and whatever else this time, properly.
    I was too eager last time to finish that I just didn't think that long term I wouldn't be able to keep it off, but realistically, I just went back to stuffing crap all the time. I was exercising to start with, so I was ok, but when I went back to work I ran out of time for it and then all the weight just piled back on.
    Will do better this time.
  15. MinnieMel

    MinnieMel Why Be Normal?

    Hi Alibongo,

    I noticed that our weight goal is the same, so you are like me... not a very big person naturally. Thus, it is very easy for us to gain weight.
    I just bought a Wii Fit Plus -- and am planning to set it up so that I use it in the morning before I shower and dress for work. I want to get into a routine that I can control.
    Last Winter there was a lot snow here in the UK and my fitness classes were cancelled, then there was half-term, and I just never got back in the routine. Slowly, the weight crept back up "just" a couple of pounds a month... and then I went to the US for three weeks in August and gained half a stone!
    So, like you, I decided to no longer put it off and get back on programme. We can do this!
  16. scotwannabethin

    scotwannabethin Back to the grindstone!!

    It's amazing how a couple of pounds here and a couple of pounds there, a little holiday and oops a few more pounds and the old "next week I will do something about it".
    Before you know it, we are looking in the mirror and wondering how that happened!!!
  17. Alibongo

    Alibongo Happily pro pointing!

    Yeah, I realised when I lost my weight last time, that actually I was born to be quite small. I am more determined than ever to get back to that and stay there.

    It was so easy to put it all back on, I know I am going to struggle for a good while retraining myself once I get there, but I wholeheartedly beleive we can all do it.
  18. MinnieMel

    MinnieMel Why Be Normal?

    Hi Ali,

    I saw on the other thread that you have lost 6 pounds... you haven't adjusted your ticker to celebrate it!
    I'd like to think that we'll have learned from the mistakes we made last time we lost weight and will adjust accordingly. I certainly plan to try and find something that can be adapted to my lifestyle... I have to make permanent changes.

  19. scotwannabethin

    scotwannabethin Back to the grindstone!!

    Ali, your pic with the red cardie, you looked sensational. There's one hell of an incentive, not that you sound like you need one just now!:clap:
    I know what you mean when you said about you be small. I always said, when I was large(r) that I was just big boned and would look awful small and then I lost the weight, got down to below 9stone and realised that it was a place that was comfortable for me and I even had someone comment that I was just so petite. :faint2:
    Not something I ever thought I would hear. Not that they would say that just now but hopefully in a few months they will again.
    They always say that inside us all is a thin person shouting to get out and I am beginning to hear her again. She has been quiet for far too long this year. I think you guys know what I mean.....
  20. Alibongo

    Alibongo Happily pro pointing!

    Hi Minnie
    I haven'y adjusted my ticker is it is just my scales at home and I don't count that really, it just helps to keep my going. My official weigh in is tomorrow and then I will adjust my side bar and ticker.

    Thanks SWBT, I was looking a for a picture of my DD the other day for something and I came across my before and after pics, the one in the red cardi and another one with me standing sideways in the mirror (wearing my size 10 Next goal jeans), just made me yearn for that again, that was the switch for me, that was the moment I decided I was going back on LL and mailed my LLC.

    I have them all sitting in the wardrobe waiting, I will be wearing them again in no time. The one with the red cardi was Valentines day, me and DH had gone to Glasgow for the weekend and were staying in the Marks Hotel. So I am hoping by valentines I will be wearing that outfit again, it is all New Look size 12.

    My little me has been quiet for so long cos she has had too much stuffed in her mouth to shout ;)
    but not for long, she is coming back. To Stay!
  21. MinnieMel

    MinnieMel Why Be Normal?

    Hi Ali,

    SWBT is right -- you look fab in red. I (personally) think that when Valentines' Day rolls around in 2010, if the budget allows, you should get yourself a special red dress or outfit. You'll have earned it and it'll suit you. Or, I could lend you my Minnie dress... but, that'd be much too big! lol


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