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Restarting today

Have had 3 weeks off the wagon, guzzling all sorts of carb-laden junk, and have gained 8lbs .... felt quite ill and sluggish and miserable - so will remember that next time I'm tempted! Day 1 back on SS'ing today... goal is to lose 2 stones by August 13th when we go on holiday.... then deal with the remaining 4 when we get back! Anyone else restarting today? Would love a buddy so we can help each other through the hard times! (Nagging, bullying, preaching - would all be acceptable!):)
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Restarted last saturday after nearly 6 weeks relapse. Lost 4 Lbs by tuesday when i was officially weighed by cdc. Have used the web site as inspiration wish i thought of this 6 weeks ago when i was struggling so bad!!!!! Still back on it with a new resolve to be suceed!!!!!!!!!!!
Restarted today

:)Hi Mrs Pink, I have also re-started today, I would love to lose 2 stone by the 17th August, do you think that is possible, I have a wedding on the 18th August and have to wear a Sari so need to do this NOW!!!!

Let's help each other when the going get's tough:sigh:


I can do this.
Good luck with the restart.

hey Chakra 4lbs in 4 days is fab! DTBS - sure we can do it - just a day at a time. today has been tough - not liking my usual favourite shakes! Still have one to look forward to ... funny how your tastes change isn't it? Been quite good on the water front, though ... just had a bath and slapped on some fake tan .... anything to keep myseld out of the kitchen! How has everyone else's day been?
Hello Mrs Pink,

Can I join you? I lost around 1 and a half stone on CD a couple of months ago. Then introduced the gym - in a big way - which I love - but needed to up my calories to deal with it. been stable on a 1000 calorie diet - but now on a plateau. going to start again tomorrow. not sure how I will cope with CD and exercise together though!

good luck on your restart! you can do it :)

I started ss today and have found it ok so far, hoping i dont wake up ravenous in the night though! lol
Hi guys - Bluehail you'll be at goal in no time I'm sure! And Sascha - well done with the gym thing - I joined and got a program a few weeks ago but have only been a couple of times - it's finding the time! I work full time running my own biz and have a 6 year-old son and 2 cats and a big garden to deal with, to say nothing of my OH ! The mess he makes, it's like having 2 kids really .... anyway I really enjoy it when I go so I must really make the effort. I am not keen on getting puffed out but I LOVE the weights... I love the thought of getting stronger and having toned muscles.... are you going to SS again now? I think from other posts it is ok to exercise when SSing after the first few days..... how often do you go?
How you fellow re-starters doing? I am into ketosis today (day 4) - but woke up ravenously hungry! Can cope with it though - because the wee stick is pink! Have a good day everyone
Hi - Going OK. Started this morning. Just about to hit the treadmill for the first time in a few days. Loaded up my iPOD with a few new tunes and good to go. Well done on the wee stick - you're in the pink Mrs Pink!

Hi all - going well so far - and today is a lovely sunny day which helps! Just bought myself a size 20 linen skirt in the Evans sale - a lovely coral colour - its a bit tight but I should be fitting into it comfortably by my hols! Looking forward to the WI tomorrow - I think I have now taken off the 8lbs I gained during my derailment! Hope you are all doing fine too ....
Mrs Pink - Lovely sunny day? Where are you? Pouring down here in London!

Going OK today. Off to the gym (despite the rain)

Well done on the skirt, good luck for you weigh in.

Sorry but it was a beautiful day in Glasgow!
Hi Paula - you can do it - one baby step at a time! I am just back from my 1st WI after my restart - lost 10lbs -yay!:D So thats the 8lb I had gained, plus 2 more! Am determined to stick to it 100% for the next 3 weeks until my hols - have bought some more clothes in the sales which are just a wee bit too tight - in the hope that they will fit me by then! Hope you are all having a good day too .... and I'm afraid I have to report another sunny day here - the weather is indeed crazy as its normally rubbish up here while the south basks in sunshine! Feel almost guilty about it though as feel so sorry for all those affected by the floods.....


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Well done!

10lbs. off!!!

Wonderful motivation for the week ahead!!!

Well done!

Love Mini xxx
Hi mrs pink i failed again yesterday im punishing meself on off on off.Tryting again today,but saturday i will be eating as going out with a friend.Im moving to oz in 5 weeks so i dont know whether to do ww till i go aaaarrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh


Still Climbing That Hill!
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10lbs!! well done you!

Im another re-starter on (day 3 now) well serial re-starter since March! but hopefully im on the right track now.

Good luck for the rest of your journey.
Thanks Tracie - the first week is the hardest isn't it. Poor Paula - you must be under a lot of stress at the moment - but lucky you moving to Oz! Maybe you should speak to your CDC about doing 790 or something until you go? You'd then be able to fit in the meal at the weekend without going off plan?

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