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Restarting with LL Day1 again! Need help +++++

S: 29st4lb C: 28st8lb G: 18st5lb BMI: 57.4 Loss: 0st10lb(2.44%)
Hi guys,

I have restarted LL more times than I care to remember. Intended to begin boxing day but ended up binging in the evening. Same happened yesterday so I've really gotta get myself back on track. So hard with everyone stuffing their faces around me!! The *****! Hunger hasn't been too bad so far today but the evenings are my worst time and I have a terrible headache already and I've not yet got through the day abstinent! I know if I can just get through the next 3 days I should be OK but it's just that 'climbing the wall' malarkey.

I've got a wardrobe full of clothes that don't fit after I came off LL the last time. Last time I lost weight i sold all my clothes on ebay and as I started to regain the weight I've spent a fortune replacing clothes as I've gained another size. I got down to a size 22 Christmas 2006 but came off LL around the same time and regained the lot. I'm a disgusting size 32 now :eek: and Evans (I hate Evans but beggers can't be choosers) don't go any bigger so I cannot afford to fail on this diet this time round. Although vanity is the first thing to come to mind there's also my health to think about. I've been offered to have weight loss surgery (my mum has had it and it losing weight) but I really don't want to have to go down that route. I want to be in control of myself and my eating...trouble is I've got so much to lose (over 10 stone) that I just don't know if it's ever going to be possible. I've got a brand new (EVANS) size 28 coat to get into before the weather starts to warm up when it'll be no good and i'll beat myself up psychologically for not managing to get in it in time. I bought it online in September with the hope I'd be in it by Christmas but just couldn't get back onto LL and keep thinking about how much weight i'd have lost by now and how much better i'd be feeling if I wasn't such an idiot and just got on with it.

Why is it so much harder to return to VLCD a second, third, fourth or fifth time?

I just want to be a normal sized person who shops in clothes stores for normal sized people and not hippo sized people.:cry:I am only 27 years old and should be making the most out of time but have lost so much confidence that I live like a hermit. I want my life back!
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Strong women stay slim
S: 17st3lb C: 17st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I guess its all about being strong in your mind and let nothing get in your way of getting there . Don't think of it was 10 stone look at it 10 minths maybe 9 months ... and just try doing a hobbie so takes your mind off things . Say ok i'm going to phone LL and make my come back .
I know exactly how you feel, but you can do this. We are all here to support you. I had 12 stones to loose when i started and have 3.5 left to loose (after 6 months) . We are all here to support you every step of the way.
I find evenings the worst time too, boredom and habbit are at their worst then. But im getting a lot better at distracting myself when i think about food.

Good luck
sil x
S: 29st4lb C: 28st8lb G: 18st5lb BMI: 57.4 Loss: 0st10lb(2.44%)

Thanks for your replies. I'm on day 2 now. Feeling awful and headachy. Had a bar which I know is naughty for day 2 but thought it would be better than eating. I think tomorrow is likely to be the hardest if I can get through that and into ketosis then I should be OK.

Congraulations on your weight loss sil-wow you've done so well (over a stone a month). Hopefully in 6 months time I'll be telling someone else I've lost the same. How do you feel now?
Hey ladies,

fat2thingirl, am on day 2 also. Reading your post was like you were talkng about me! I too have tried many times to get back on track and I totally agree its so much harder the more times you try to get back on track. Althought I have only been on the shakes for 2 days the day before I only ate a small peice of melon and some grapes (was breaking myself in) so I aint eaten for 3 days and boy could I eat a scabby horse!

I am 5ft 4 inch and my starting weight was 14 st 12 lbs. I get married in May and I would love to get to 11 stone. I dont want to be skin and bones and feel 11st would be ideal to maintain. So I've nearly 4 stone to lose. The trouble for me is I dnt believe I can last longer than 1 month never mind think about being here for 4!! I am also going to Dublin end of Jan as a surprise weekend I have booked for my hubby to be birthday. I was planning on doing it till about 21st Jan then refeed for the week before going away then see how I am feeling when I get back. I know there is no possible way I'd manage to go away and not eat - I'd be a miserbale cow!!

Oh I wish I could just wake up thin!

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