RESTARTING WW - 27pp a day, The diary of a busy commuter


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Hi Everyone,

After trying dukan and getting ill from cambridge! I am back to Weight Watchers.:)

I'm on 27 pp a day and weigh 11stone 5pounds, realistically I want to get down to 9 and a half but im taking each day as it comes .

I work in London and live in essex so I have long days and dont sit down for dinner until sometimes half 9 if i go to the gym!!

I'm hoping a food diary will help me keep on track and if you have any comments please tell me :)

This is my third day and I have to admit im starving!!:eek:

Everyday with commuting walking to platforms, tube to work etc I walk at least a mile and a half a day.

I aim to go to the gym 3 times a week.

(My work pays for lunch and its always m&s so cant go anywhere else, options limited!)


Banana- 0 pp
Cherry Bakewell WW Slice 2pp
Tea & 500ml water

M&S Fuller for longer chicken chorizo flatbread- 7pp (yummy)
Apple- 0 pp
Coke Zero

5 Lemon and Pepper Sol Goujons- 5 pp
Half a tin of beans- 5 pp
Sweet potato- 4pp
Brocolli- 0pp
Glass of water

Milk- 2pp (used on tea throughout day)

Exercise- 40 minutes crosstrainer- fat program in gym- 380 calories burnt- 7 exercise points
500ml water

Only used 25/27pp Not intentionally didn't know what to spend the remaining 2 on!


Bowl of fresh cherries- 0pp
Peach- 0-pp
500ml Water

M&S Hoisin Duck Wrap 10 pp (shocked with value won't have for a while)
Coke Zero

2 x Rasher Bacon 3pp
2 Lincolnshire Sausages 6pp
1 Poached Egg 2pp
Mushrooms- 0pp
Beans- Under half a can 4pp
Glass of Water

Milk- 2pp for tea

Exercise- Zumba Class
750ml Water


Breakfast: Packet of Mini Ritz Crackers 3pp

Snack: Peach 0pp

Lunch: M&S Fuller for Longer Jerk Chicken Wrap 8 pp
Apple 0 pp

Dinner- Still Deciding!! No Gym tonight meeting friends for a few drinks- will be slimline g+ts though.. will update!! :)
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