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Returner and Seriously Struggling


Laugh in the face of food
Hi, I'm trying to get back into SSing, but I have yet to make it through one whole day. I've been really successful on CD in the past. I lost 5st was 8lbs away from target. Then things went a bit astray and over the past 6 months or so I've put on about 1st 7lbs (11lbs of that in the last couple of months).

I've increased my target weight from 11st 4lbs to 11st 12lbs, which means that as of my first visit back with my CDC I have exactly 2st to lose!!!! Not a huge amount by a long shot.

BUT this is where I fall apart... I know if I stick to SS 100% I can do this relatively quickly. But I just can't seem to get my head into gear and make it through Day 1.

I REALLY NEED SOME HELP!! I don't know what, words of advice from people who've been in the same boat as me maybe... I don't know. Please help..... I really want to do this.
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im feeling the same ive been back on it a month and i have lost 8lb which is rubbish by CD standards! i was doing so well there then i went to my combat class and now i have picked at my families dinner :( ive settled down with a huge glass of water and a cup of tea.
i still have 4 stone to loose.. im wanting it off by xmas :)
good luck xx
sorry mines haven't been words of advice more to say your not alone xxx


Laugh in the face of food
Thanks Rainbow, the annoying thing is I know I can do this. Tomorrow is a new day, I had a good chat with my CDC last night and she told me to take one day at a time and everytime I want to eat or pick at something I need to think about why I want it and if it's really beacuse I'm hungry then have an extra shake. Makes sense to me, I dunno if it'll help you at all.

It's good to know I'm not alone in this, that's partly why I'm on this website. So thanks again xxx
You can do it, we are all in the same boat, lets do it day by day together and keep each other posted on how we are doing. Im on day five and really proud after I fell off the wagon ive never got past day one, but I want to slim and have lovely clothes and ride horses again so i need this and you can do it too you really can <<<< hark at me there lol
stay possitive surfhunny and im sure you can do it, its so hard and i found the first few days all i thought about was food and every channel i turned over had food on it and watching come dine with me was torture lol but it will get abit easier and just think how great you will feel when you start getting into all those old clothes, thats whats keeping me going, goodluck and i know we all can do it xx


Laugh in the face of food
Thanks girls. Well as I'm about to head off to bed I can safely say that I have finally made it through the day without giving in! Tomorrow I've got plenty to keep me busy so I'll be okay. Then if last time is anything to go by, I should hopefully be in ketosis, once I'm in Ketosis I find it so much easier. Keep going girls we can do this together. xxx


Staff member
Well done Surfhunny on getting a full day done SSing!

Good luck for tomorrow you can do this, you did it once before you can do it again.

I am back myself and just getting to the end of day four!

Love Mini xxx
Surfhunny well done on getting through day 1!

Day 2 today and you will get through it. I have 2 stones to go and I want to stick to SS 100%. I keep a diary on the forum, I have a chart on the fridge with days and weeks on it, and each morning I put a red cross on the previous completed day. I find it really gave me incentive in the morning to have another successful day. As the crosses mount up the less I want to ruin all my hard work.


Laugh in the face of food
Hi girls, just wanted to let you know that I've made it through day 4 now, and have just got in from my emergency weigh in (my CDC is having to go away on Wed when I usually go - family emergency) and so I'm really proud to say I've lost 4lbs so far. 1lb a day is great going. Not going to get on the scales until Wednesday and see what my weight is then.

I finally feel okay with this diet again. I'm back in the swing of it and am looking forward to seeing the weight drop off. Just had to get through those first dark few days. Thanks girls xxx


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Your post has really encouraged me - I'm on day 1 of a restart, and although I've only half a stone to lose, that half stone is what I carelessly allowed to creep on (basically by looking at the scales and saying "I'm sure it'll be OK tomorrow" - well, it wasn't).

Only had two CD meals today so far, and one more tonight - but hey, I've done this before and I can do it again! It needs to be done now, rather than wait for more weight to go on, so I've just got to get on with it, haven't I?!


Laugh in the face of food
Go for it Jaycey, you can do it!!! The first couple of days are the worst, I'm happy now I've got through them. It seemed so much harder this time round, but as soon as I hit ketosis and the weight started coming off again, all the old happy feelings I had last time round came back.

I just keep telling myself it's not going to take long this time and thats what keeps me going.

Good luck hun xx

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