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Returning to Slimming World

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by BiggaBird, 4 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. BiggaBird

    BiggaBird Well-Known Member

    hi folks,

    about 10 years ago i followed the SW green plan and managed to lose 10 st (hubby also - go us!!). But then through various reasons we fell off the wagon and 9 of the 10 st found their way back! Luckily they didn't bring new friends.

    So, finally last month hubby and I decided it was time we stopped with the excuses and climbed back on that green wagon.

    So we started a month ago and have each lost 1 stone so far.

    We are "going it alone" so to speak as I found going to th emeetings, for me, was too much pressure to perform. I was nearly always slimmer of the week/month and whenever we had a mtg it was "Well XXX will definitely have lost weight". I do not function well being stuck up as a symbol.

    We have a holiday to Rome booked in October. That is 3 months and we would like to have hit the 4st mark by then. I also have high BP and problems with my knees and feet so I have every reason to do this.

    I am lucky that my physio (looking after my feet) is very encouraging and gives support while he is massaging my tendons. Sounds bizarre but he hmanaged to get to the heart of my problems with food and weight within a 30 min treatment. Almost reduced me to tears this week when he went digging into the reason we fell off the wagon last time!

    So this is me, Start of August 2014. I am 6ft 2" tall and weigh in at a shocking 310lbs. it was 322 when i started off but as I said, I am 12 lbs down the road so far!!

    I am aiming to try and maintain a diary charting the highs and lows of this long journey.

    Wish me luck folks :wave_cry:!

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  3. BiggaBird

    BiggaBird Well-Known Member

    Hi again.

    Still positive. helps that i can see the weight steadily coming off. If I can keep losign 2 -3 lbs a week then it will be fine. Last time I did this I lost a stone a month for 4 months. That was scary. Salad day today (I like to have at least oen salad day a week) with half a hardboiled egg and a small amount of tuna. Mainly we have a veggi sauce with pasta or rice. Thursday nioghts are a little difficult as I only get 5 mins in the house before going out again and I don't get home until 11pm. I Guess it will be a couple of rice cakes and some low fat cottage cheese again fro me. Not the most thrilling but I don't need anything any heavier that late at night.

    Thank goodness for fruit. I don't know about 5 a day, I reckon I must get through 10 a day (usually 4 or 5 pcs of fruit plus veggis!). The downside of salad day is It makes me pee for Britain......

    Decided to order a multivitamin as well. It cant; hurt and will make sure I don't miss out on anything critical. i do take a Berocca and a Glucosamine every day as well.

  4. BiggaBird

    BiggaBird Well-Known Member

    Decided to share a little about what makes me tick.

    I have always been "big". As a child I remember dreading non uniform days as I was the one in the shapeless polyester top and trousers. The fact is, I comfort eat. So when I had a bit of a problem a few years ago food became my friend. However I am ina different place now. i am off the anti-d tablets and getting on with my life. I have changed a few things that were affecting my mind and following that I decided it was time I dealt with the weight issue. At one point I would not even get undressed in front of my hubby. I would wait until he went to the bathroom, then rip my clothes off and be in bed with the duvet up to my neck before he came back. I have never felt attractive - even when i lost 10 stn a few yrs ago.

    Didn't help that on my wedding day some football fans were at my reception venue and coming back from the loo I heard one of them say "well who the hell would want to marry that!".

    So there are very few photos of me out there. But now due to a band I have joined, I need to be photographed a lot more so I have to do something.

    This is for me!

    Lel xx
  5. monkeypants

    monkeypants Well-Known Member


    Well done on losing 10 stone before, you've done it once, I'm sure you can do it again!

    Looking forward to following your journey :) XXX
  6. mockridge13

    mockridge13 Well-Known Member

    Hi Lel

    "this is for me" the thing that will keep you motivated.

    I'm subbing and look forward to following your journey.

    Not going to class either and to be honest if you are in the right mindset don't think you need it. Doing this for me also but have signed up for life. Have made life changes that i never want to change. Yes get the odd craving for things but try to include them in my plan. My daughter is following the plan with me and my other half is also eating our food ( like sw chips and roasties) more and more so not totally alone but nice to feel part of a group on here.

    planning on a holiday to turkey next august and rome with some friends next sept/oct so thats my end goal. Hope to get there sooner and then learn how to maintain.

    Good luck

  7. BiggaBird

    BiggaBird Well-Known Member

    Hi Deb,

    well I had my first "bloody diet" craving last night. I made a lovely lasagne thing but used courgette slices in place of the pasta (just for a change and coz we had some left over). Now I know that the pasta woul;d have helped with the cravings. Anyway, got a desperate craving for something sweet. But stayed true to the aim and had a 1/4 of a melon with fat free from frais and artificual sweetener. Did the trick. AND I woke up 4 lbs down (had been on a maintain week coz of water retention).

    So now feeling even more enthused. I just want someone else to notice. And I am looking forward to the day I can take a flight without having to pull the seatbelt so tight to make sure I don't have to ask for an extension (never have done yet!). One day I will actually have to adjust it!

    Over the next few week i am going to have to work through all of my work trousers and take them all in (yay). I only have 1 pair of jeans that don't come down over my hips without undoing them. The rest are a minimum of 4" too big all over. Luckily I am handy with a sewing machine so it will not be too difficult to alter them all.

    The whoole family (me, hubby. mum and dad) are all doing this. For mum it is most important as she had a blood test recently qnd has been told she is "pre-diabetic". So she wants to lose weight to make sure this doesn't get any worse. I am very fortunate. Despite being morbidly obese my body has stayed fairly healthy. OK,my BP could be better but I have an annual blood test and have remained healthy.

  8. mockridge13

    mockridge13 Well-Known Member

    well done on overcoming the craving. It makes you feel so good when you can do that. i have just bought some smaller clothes (on a budjet so can't afford too many) and only now are people starting to ask have you lost weight. Wearing the same clothes sometimes hides the loss. My trousers are also falling down but need another 1/2 stone before i can go down a size and i have lots in the other side of my wardrobe from before waiting for me so no need to buy smaller trousers.

    makes it so much easier when you can cook one meal and my hubby is also enjoying loosing a few pounds even though he still sits there munching biscuits.

    At a sticky point the scales seem to stuck but will just keep going as normal and wait for them to start going again.
    Started zumba with my friend last week so hope that will help.

  9. BiggaBird

    BiggaBird Well-Known Member

    I have decided to log just how far I walk every day as I work in a large factory and go the length of it at least 4 times a day. So the pedometer has come out. I am hoping I will be surprised at how far i do walk. Hubby has started to drag me out for an evenign walk as well - although after a day at work I usually just want to flop. he is a lot more sedentary.

    Taking clothes in is quite simple but if you don't feel confident check out yr local dry cleaners as they may be able to recomemnd someone locally who will take stuff in for quite a low cost (less than buying new stuff).

    It is true that wearing the same clothes hides the loss. i remember last time, I lost 5 stn before anyone commented! That was when I altered all of my work polo shirts.

    I have a pair of jeans in my "small size" storage that if i can get in them look amazing. They are a size 12 crop (and I know it is a long way away but got there once so.....). I also have a selection of nice business suits in size 14 that I want to wear again. Didn't throw them out when i got big as i was intent on getting back into them one day. Would be nice to be able to wear womens clothes. At the moment my polo shirts etc all come from the mens section!

    I have promised myself I will go through the trouser cupboard and find any intermediate sized ones and bring them out for future use as i can't keep wearing the old ones. I look like a clown in baggy pants!

    Also considering swimwear (not done this in yrs). Although I am mainly looking at the nike racing stuff (tankini with mid thigh shorts) as I travel a lot and many of the hotels have a pool.

  10. sarahmun

    sarahmun Well-Known Member

    Well done on your loss so far. I can totally agree with all the feelings you've described.
    I too refused to have a photographer at my wedding as i hated the way i look that was 4 years ago 20th august and im bigger now than i was then :(

    But hey were committed now and its onwards and downwards from here :)

    Sarah x
  11. mockridge13

    mockridge13 Well-Known Member

    Even if you dont like photos ( me neither) why not take some before photos now and everytime you loose a stone take a new one. If you can see the difference might keep the motivation going. I didn't take any specific ones but have some from xmas ect i can compare with and can see the difference.

    1lb at a time as long as it takes.
  12. BiggaBird

    BiggaBird Well-Known Member

    I have some before photos from a recent band gig on 10th may so will be easy to compare. Also got a couple of full length mirror pics on my phone (personal use!)

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