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Revving up engines

Afternoon all....I am a second time CD girl who has just started up again today.

I think I accept that CD is the only thing that really has an impact on my weight and am raring to go.

Have had a Cappucino shake and the new Maple porridge so far today. Feeling good.

Not quite sure what I'll do when hunger strikes....any ideas?

Love Jo :eek:
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Good luck Jo with starting CD and I am sure you will do great as you did before.

I love your reasons for losing weight in your signature:) Excellent goals to achieve.

You could divide your evening pack you have left for this evening and have two mini meals instead of one, so that you have it to look forward to later on in the evening.

Just remember to make each half up fresh and consume within 15 minutes.

Keep drinking your water through out the day and not all at once.

You could also set up a weight ticker in your signature...link below...just think it will be well down this time next week SSing.:D

Thanks so much Mini....lovely to get a reply! I am on 4 packs a day to get started so feel in control. Any tips for what to do when hunger strikes? I have a feeling this site is going to be a life-saver xx Jo
I mean...what do you you say to yourself in your head to keep going. If you know what I mean. Giggle x


Doing this for last time
When hungry/craving foods -
'I don't need to eat any of that, I've had it, it's nothing new or exciting, in fact I've eaten too much of it too soon'.
The diet DOES NOT WORK if you cheat. What is the point in me shelling out for all these blimmin' shakes and then cheating? The less I cheat, the quicker I can get off the shakes!!!! Waste of time, waste of cash...
(I'm not infallible though, I fall off a lot!)

Good luck xx
Mental battles

Love it Charlotte....I love your signature quote too!!

Thanks so much for replying. How are you finding it? x


Doing this for last time
hard hard hard hard hard!

I'm sorry, I'm not being a very positive/supportive poster at the mo!

It's the social events that I find hardest... I don't want anyone to think I'm weird. I do tell most people, but some are not understanding at all. For example, met two friends last night for major catch up gossip evening, loads of fun. I had told one of them, and when I ate a cake (I told you, hard!) she was like 'oh are you eating real food again?!'. I then had to explain this to the other friend, who just told me it's not sensible (she's a trainee doctor, therefore knows everything....) and proceeded to tell stories of fat people in the hospital, e.g. having to send them to Chester Zoo for CT scans, and how no, they're not ashamed, they keep eating...

Dieting is NOT THAT EASY! You can't comment if you've never had a weight problem, shut up Size 10 cow!!!

I'm sorry, I obviously needed to get that off my chest!

Needless to say I came home, had sandwich, crisps.... oh dear.

Restarting this morning. All good so far. Off back to where I live in Birmingham today, so should make life a lot easier, diet wise.

Cambridge is sooooo hard, but that said, I've lost 25lbs, so I must be doing something right.... I love the simplicity of it, a friend of mine does SW and WW, and I can't keep up with all the points counting...

Good luck, let us know how you get on xxxx


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Hi Charlotte,

I'm really sorry to hear about your mates...it is so hard to make people understand. I did CD two years ago and I swear that there were some people waiting for me to regain the weight. Not a nice feeling. Thing is, you know your reasons and you know what works for you. You have the right to stand by that, absolutely. Everyone else can just do their own thing. Stay strong.....ride the hunger pangs. Am with you!

xx Jo


Doing this for last time
Thanks, what a lovely reply I needed that, thank you! If someone has never had a weight problem they don't understand often do they?

Let's show them what we can do Jo! Have you had a good day? Xx


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No, Charlotte, they just don't get it at all. I think they think you are an out-of-control Wotsits scranner who sits on the sofa all day....

People can be patronising, especially when they think they know it all eh?

You had a better day today?

I've been a bit tired and lurky....lay around a lot and couldn't muster much energy. Hunger has come and gone but positive self-talk has kept me going :)

When do you get weighed?

Oh just read ur threads and I know how you feel. My husbands dad is 29stone with kidney problems diabetes and ulcers and yet spoke to me like I was an idiot last time I did CDC about how it would kill me etc etc. Then I lost three stone and he ended up in ICU and nearly died cos he refuses to do anything about his weight. I have put some back on but am here again and decided not to tell anyone other than my husband as I find skinny people don't get it like u say and other overweight people don't want you ending up slimmer than them.
God that was a rant and half lol. Anyway I am on day two and it's really hard but then not as hard as fastening my size 18 work trousers so needs must (they fon't fasten right now)
Good luck ladies xxx


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Welcome to ranters R US Katie....that is what is so lush about this forum eh? People can be so danged critical...partly because of their own insecurities. I found myself doing it to someone at the gym myself a few weeks ago....a girl I hadn't see for ages came back looking really skinny. When she said she had done CD I actually said (and you won't believe this...) 'You'll put it all back on mind...I did'

I walked away feeling sick....how could I have lashed out like that? I had done a smug, knowing little nod as well. Maybe it was then that I realised I had to do something.

They say we detest in others the qualities we wish we had...perhaps people have a dig because they are uncomfortable with the commitment it takes to do a VLCD and the fact that you (yes you!) can nail it.

Fling it in their faces, lovelies. Our bodies, our business xxx

Rant over. Mwah x

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