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Reward for reaching target?


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MY target reward (which is a LONG way off) will be to buy a lovely new dress from Monsoon!

They have gorgeous things and I would love an item in my wardrobe!
My target goal (a long way off) but to reward myself I am getting married =) bit more extreme than your wanting haha! xxx
A new tattoo!!! :D Not to everyone's taste I know but that's what I've promised myself :D
:D me too!! well i already have 5 but i am going to get a side tattoo as i will finally feel confident enough to lie with my top off to get it done in front of my really hot tattoo artist ;)
I had a days shopping trip, buying lovely clothes and not having to worry about my bulgy bits! Oh and the pizza hut lunch followed by krispy kreme doughnuts :p was certain it would see me a gain (though sticking in target range) but I lost a lb! Had a brilliant day! :)


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I'd like to renew my vows, i truely hated my wedding day (don't get me wrong i'm glad we're married) but i was uncomfy, my feet hurt, i hated people looking at me. I don't even look at my wedding pictures, i have one small framed one i like and my friend took that.
A very relaxing holiday with a very expensive set of very skimpy bikini's :)
Mine is hardly original, but a spending spree on clothes. I am very lucky in that my wonderful parents have promised to give me £500 when I reach target to buy a new wardrobe. I know I am lucky for that, they are so wonderfully supportive <3 . For me, a new wardrobe will be so wonderful - I haven't bought myself anything for about 5 years, with the exception of absolute essentials or something for an important reason e.g. job interview. I told myself I couldn't keep buying clothes in a large size and couldn't but anything for pure pleasure until I had lost the weight. Therefore, my wardrobe is all old, tatty, badly fitting and pretty awful! Being able to throw it all out and buy new outfits will be a dream. A black pencil skirt, pretty underwear sets and some fitted jeans are top of my wish list :D
Find a new man! :D
I have an ugly little tattoo on my wrist, was a boyfriends name when I was young and stupid, then the next boyfriend told me how young and stupid I was and that I should let him cross it out.... again, not quite so young, but just as stupid, so I have promised myself, that when I hit my 2 stone mark, I am going to have it covered with something pretty. I won't have to wear a watch all the time to cover it up, that's going to be my little treat. :)
My OH hates mine as well Beautifulness.... that's why I cover it with a watch, but I am a pound off the 2 stone mini target, so I guess next week I will go and get it done. I want to get a tiny flower with an even tinier butterfly nr it. :)
If I really do loose all 8 and half stone I'm going to have a quiet celebration with whose closet to me. My partner is buying me a bead for my charm bracelet every 2 stone so will have 4 by then. And of course a whole new wardrobe!


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Clothes, a full tattoo sleeve, and outfits to show it off (and all the other tattoos I have) all the time. :)

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