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Just starting ww again and planning to stick to it until my wedding (only exception being a family wedding where I have no choice over the food). However, we still have some morrisons bbq ribs in freezer which we will probably eat sometime over next week or so. There's about 4/5 medium sized ribs in each pack (one pack each and not as big as usual chinese one). How should I point these as no nutritional value on them? Also, any suggestions on low point food to go with them?
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Have you checked the whole packaging for values?? usually with meats they put the information on the back of the front label so only way to read it is if you open the packet up and read the back of the label, worth double checking to be on safe side, don't know what to have with as don't like ribs myself so can't match it, however a nice green fresh salad sounds nice to me with it :)
I seem to recall from the last time that it wasn't listed (morrisons butchers prepared). Will look as defrosting so can try and plan day around them but otherwise any suggestions? My only other thought was to use half of the chinese values and I thought you got 8 big ones in a chinese tray and these are 4 or 5 medium ones. Any thoughts (and what is the chinese points value)?
BBQ spare ribs from the chinese are 10 points for the tray so it depends how many you get in a tray and then divide it by 10, sorry like i say i dont eat ribs so haven't a clue about quantity if there are about 8 in a tray then it's probably around 1.5 points for one maybe class it as 2 points for yours to be on the safe side?
Lol just happen to be on at the right time! :D

I'm a total internet geek on most the time, especially on my phone... though i never seem to be able to type on here on phone hmmm :( hehe

hope you enjoy the ribs! :D
I am so glad I came across this thread! My local chinese has started doing me half a portion of bbq spare ribs as opposed to a full one. I was pointing this half a portion as 12 points! I'm chuffed to know now that its a lot less!

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