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Right, decision made for me!

:cry:Ever since I was made redundant (thats the 'official' story anyway!) I've found it hard to cope financially and now I think I'm going to have to stop going to class. :wave_cry: It's costing me nearly £20 a month which could be spent on food or other essentials. I'm going to be unemployed for a while until I've got REACT to pay for a few courses for me so some things have to go.
It's a scary thing to think that I'll be on my own and no longer have access to the syns online. Is anyone else doing it on their own and how do you stay motivated? I do not want to end up putting on any of the weight I've lost and have to go back to meetings with my tail between my legs lol
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*hugs*, i know it seems a little scary now, cause even i would struggle without my weekly weigh in and online access.. but your weight loss so far is bloody fantastic, and i think you'l be fine.. and when your a bit closer to target, you can go back and call target and then go fo free.. explain to your consultant and im sure she'd agree and sympathise with how your feeling. Alot of us are in the same boat and im struggling also. I think im still going to be able to keep going as im almost at target so *fingers crossed* but if i was any futher off i'd also have to stop. Im sorry your in this situation hun, but you have us and all you need is a little faith in yourself..

and remember.. your group and consultant didnt make you lose your weight, u did it urself.. so you can still do it.. and aslonga s u have us and people to support u, youl never be alone.


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I do the diet from home Huni, dont pay for classes either. I just make sure that I come on here every day for the support and advice and if I have a syns query I ask and some very nice person will reply. Yes it is harder if you loose motivation easily, but it can be done...put it this way...if I can do it, anyone can!


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you've got this forum to help, and whilst you still have access why don't you make a note of a couple of recipes, and some of your favourite syns so you can always refer?

hope you get sorted mate, good luck x
I shouldn't be such a wimp :eek:, we all have to leave groups eventually and trust in ourselves not to go back to the way we were. I know the rules about the diet backwards but it's taking the first step that's the hardest and I wouldn't be normal if I wasn't nervous. I hope some nice people :D will help me out with some syns info if I need it. Thats a really good idea, I'll raid the website before I desert them lol!


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I am doing it alone at home, but this forum is my salvation, I get advice and encouragement all the time and it's certainly keeping me motivated, good luck to you. X
Have you been referred by your doc yet? this might give you 15 weeks free if you explain it to them. I'm going to see mine next week for a similar reason (i'm a student and struggling paying at the moment(
Thats a great idea! I was going to see him soon anyway about the loose skin I'm accumulating and 15 weeks would be great! I've never asked the NHS for any help with all this, my attitude has always been I got myself into this mess and I'll get myself out but desperate times call for desperate measures! Ooooh, thank you thank you thank you! Let me know what your Doc says!
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ive been referred by my GP, all the want to see is a good reason to go to classes, BMI of 30+ and the motivation to loose weight..

if you have all that then go for it!
My BMI is 34 and all they have to do is look at my medical records to see that I've been steadily losing weight for 3 years. They want you to weigh in with the nurse once a month too don't they?


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My BMI is 34 and all they have to do is look at my medical records to see that I've been steadily losing weight for 3 years. They want you to weigh in with the nurse once a month too don't they?

no every 12 weeks, if you've not kept the weight off or have been a bit bad they don't tend to extend it. but if you have they usually will
I think a referral from the doc is the best solution for you Sugar, like the post before we are all here helping each other to achieve the same goal, lose weight and get healthier, Good Luck

I think a doctor would be mad not to refer you....You have proven that this plan is working for you. You can get a referal pack from your consultant, may actually add to your weight loss.


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