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Right that's it - I've had enough!!!


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I started CD back in January full of enthusiasim - lost nearly 3 nd half stone in just over 12 weeks then went on holiday in April and just haen't got it back since then. I hae made numerous false starts to the point it's become laughable - I've put on... well I dread to think but at least a stone and as mt the title says "I've had ENOUGH!!!"

I'e had enough of my pathetic excuses for not losing weigh, I've had enough of letting myself down, I've had enough of the "Oh I'm starting back up on Monday" - blumin Monday never comes!!! :mad::mad:

I've counted the shakes that I've bought from my cdc and then not used and I have 71 plus 9 bars and 2 tetras - that's over £140 on diet that I'm messing around with, it's disgraceful - I don't have money to waste and I'm ashamed.

I have 7 weeks till I go on holiday to Turkey, I will not be fat when I go- I will not do this to myself again!!! I'm hoping with you guys support I can do this again - no scrap that I WILL do this again (Hopefully I haven't all scared you off like some scary lady!!!) So for now on I'll be on here for thinspiration every night.

Rant over - sorry for that but I feel loads better now :)

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Hi Stokegal

I could have written that post myself last week, everything, i've got sachets left from the last time i did my diet, infact 42 of them, so that was a full 2 weeks supply.

I'm going to turkey on the 6th sept with my friends.

Yes monday is always the start date, so i pig out sat, sun, and then monday never comes. And i've done a load of false starts, and then something creeps up and it stops.

I to will not be fat when i go to turkey, in 8 weeks, i'm 11 st now, and i will go to turkey 9st7lb, and i will be wearing my nice size 12 clothes that i have, and that i can't fit into anymore.

I enjoyed your rant as it could have been me.

Good luck with your journey, just keep thinking about all of that nice effes you can have when you get to turkey.



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Where in Turkeya re you going , I go Oct marmaris.
7 weeks , start monday and think your not alone , we are all here just ping on , come on you have your stuff just make the break and do it !


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Thanks for replying - Turkey seems really popular this year - I'm going to Bodrum with my boyfriend and 20 month old son. I would love to be 12 stone 12lb by then so I'm only overweigh and not obese but I would have to lose about 3 stone for that so I don't think I'm going to do that in 7 weeks but hopefully a big chunk of that will be gone. I'm working a very long 14 hour shift tomorrow but will be on after I finish at 10pm tomorrow to tell you how I'e finished my first day of SSing!!!
I'm going to gumbet 6th sept with the girls for 12 days.................and i'm going 9 1/2 stone......................yeah


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I'm going to Gumbet too - the World of Wonders hotel!!! It's a very small world. I come back on the 6th so we may even pass each other!!!
where are you staying were, we are at the dost apts, (not hotel) small family run hotel, and we like it there.

good luck for tomorrow, don't forget to drink the water, and just keep thinking of turkey when the going gets tough, i do.
Well good luck with restart
your post could have been me too I have at least three weeks worth of diet packs and like you been playing at this for far too long
I am not going to turkey but am on a starting again today monday 12th so hopefully I can join you on our road to slimville


please try again
good luck on your restart hun, youve gotgood motivation there

im not a saint on this diet, i have my bad days but i get back on it die to how much it costs me, i remind myself of what i could have done with my daughter that week with the money ive spent on cambridge and then i think of all the things i WILL do with her when im at goal
Goodluck well heres monday so no putting of anymore, youve done it before you know you can do it. just picture yourself down the beach in ur swimwear feeling confident.aww long shift but keeping busy helps.

i know i sound like a nike ad but hell lady, jut do it.. i went to turkey AI and came back a stone heavier a week ago. i tarted ss a day later and it nearly killed me and i had some blips last week but i shed 8lbs. if i can do it, anyone can. i have every faith in you, get in the zone and stick with it. just keep going. i am SO glad i go week 1 done as i knew if i didnt do it as soon as i got back off hols it was game over for me! come in the diaries section and start a diary, it reall helps to stay on track. good luck
How's everyone got on today - I did fab - een if I do say so myself, I worked a 14 hour shift and had 1 chocolate shake for breakfast and 2 spicy tomato soups to warm me up (I was ffff-reezing all day!) I had 2 litres of water so could have done better but I'm pleased for my first day!! Hope everyone else had a good day



Strong women stay slim
hi there yes can make you cold these VLCD , maybe try a warm water I know its sometimes not nice but might warm you up . It don't look to good here today , had rain in the night too , cooler .
I did great yesterday and today so far so good
I get the opposite to you I seem to get really hot rather than cold :)
but at night I am freezing

hope today has been good for you :)
2nd day!!!

I had my first wobbly step today, I've been starving all day and was wandering around Asda with my OH and Son and was really tempted by the pre cooked chicken, but I stayed strong and now feel very happy!!! I also had a sneaky weigh in tonight and since Monday morning the scales say I'e lost 6lbs!! I know that all of it will be Carb / Water weigh and as it was TOTM on Monday but I'm very happy!!!


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Well done you!! Just imagine how much you will have lost by the weekend!!!!
Had my first offical WI tonight and from Monday I've lost..... 10lbs!!! I can't believe it - I'm only 9lb heavier than when I went off the rails so it's my mission this week to get rid of the majority of that this week. Now I'm not so ashamed I'll even update my ticker :)

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