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Right! That's it! :)


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I am done with being 'on a diet'!
No more counting points, calories or syns. No more cutting out whole food groups to lose weight only to regain it as soon as I return to normal.
No more diets where I can eat butter but not fresh fruit!!
From now on it's going to be healthy eating. A way of life that I can do forever.
Real food made by me! Sensible portions with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Occasional naughty treats in moderation.
I only need to lose a stone but two years if this diet and that diet has done nothing but make me obsess about food!
This decision feels like freedom at last :)
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x Alex x

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thanks for this thread - I am 24 and have been dieting for 8 years - here's to healthy eating! I am going to slimming world but only to 'force' me to face the scales regularly.
todaty for breakie I had shredded wheat. for lunch I am having chicken stirfry (no oil) with noodles.
tea I am perhaps thinking of fried eggs (in fry light) with a wholemeal roll.
I made some 'no fat' fruit cake at the weekend so I shall have a slice of that for dessert


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Hi Alex
Your menu for today sounds good but don't deny yourself a little oil or fat. So long as it's not excessive and you choose healthy ones such as olive oil it should actually help you to lose weight.
Lots of luck to you! X
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Heya hun and welcome to the forum. You seem to have a really good mindset, good luck on your journey x

x Alex x

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S: 13st3lb C: 13st0.2lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 0st2.8lb(1.51%)
had 275cal chocolate this afternoon - perhaps a little excessive!
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I am 50 now and after 25 years of dieting I came to the conclusion last week that I am doing healthy eating.I was always thinking of food when I was on this diet or that diet.If I had a cake I would beat myself up and say to myself well thats it I've done some damage so I might as well eat.
I had a week off work last week so was able to control what I ate.As I work in a supermarket it is very easy to grab a cake or something.So now I'm back at work from tomorrow I will not be taking any money with me so I won't be able to buy anything also I'm going to try and get back into cooking from scratch no ready meals.I only work 4 hour shift every day so don't need to buy anything.

Good Luck to you.:)
hi i can soooo relate to this, it's exactly what i do i eat something i think i shouldn't then think sod it go for broke but know i have to change my eating habits i would usually eat crap all day then not want a proper meal so i am also cooking from scratch and going to eat 3 regular meals every day instead of not eating brekkie cause i'm not hungry then an hour or so later pig everything in sight, i have been "dieting" unsuccessfully for 32 years trying every diet thats ever been written :eek:
its about time i got my act into gear i do not want to be fat this summer.

good luck :)


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likewise i have been on a diet all my life and yes i think the decision to ditch the diet and take up healthy eating comes with age because we all wake up one day and say 'NO MORE DIETS' and in fact im doing just fine on my own thanks. i have change my whole family's eating habits recently and between us in 8 weeks we have lost a family total of 41 lb !! No more paying ££££££££££ to these company's either who know your hooked and that you'll be back beacause you cant sustain their regime and will fall off the wagon, beat yourself up and be back again. No more weigh and shame days and no more days working out how to eat your maximine points/syns/calories in the naughtest way possible only to work out that you have a futher binge and eat beyound your target. and eventually when you break away, the diet company's repackage their diet to new points/more syns and no cal counting to reel you back in again. NO THANK YOU!! healthy eating is the only way.
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Go Aunty Pasty!!!! :happy096:

Think you are so right about the whole slimming club thing and healthy eating is clearly working for you and your family. I've read your posts with interest and clearly you are enjoying a normal healthy diet and lifestyle - one that if we'd always done it we'd never be here in the first place!


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Hi Guys,
I'm so glad I found this thread. I came to a desicion today which echos all of your posts. I have spent over the last 30 years dieting and always wondering what my next meal was going to be and how many calories/syns/units or points were going to be in it.
After all that time and effort I am still fat so it isn't working for me.
I have recently started to increase my excercise levels (Zumba DVD) and doing more walking so from today I am going to stop writing down what I am eating and listen to what my body wants. I am only going to weigh once a month and stop stressing about it all.
I feel totally liberated, I have walked miles today, eaten some nice food and for once am not worrying about the whole process.
I know this is going to be a long journey but I am changing my life style so no need to rush anything.
I wish I could bottle how I feel today.
Have a great week.
Suzi x:)


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Thanks for starting this thread! I could not agree more with everything that has been said. I too had been on diets in the past, and failed, so now it is just me healthy eating - everything in moderation. Why go on diets that deny you foods you crave, when inevitably you will binge on those foods one day and bang goes the diet! Allowing yourself a little bit of what you like, does not do you any harm!

A diet is something temporary, so by saying your on a diet - what happens when you come off the "diet"? You can't "diet" and then go back to eating how you used to before the diet, because the weight will just pile on. But by healthy eating, it is more a change for life and people are much likely to stick to it and succeed doing it this way :)

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