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Step away from the chips!
Well done!
well done - its all the little things like rings getting looser that keeps me encouraged :)


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well done liz all my rings fall of my fingers now
What a great excuse for your OH to spoil you with jewellery pressies. :D


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my engagement ring is getting loose :( not going to get it made smaller until i make goal though because it was enlarged to start with and i don't want to weaken it too much... i've always had chubby fingers, even when slim so i can't see my fingers shrinking too much more...

abz xx


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I was given some rings a few weeks ago when my gran sadly passed away. When I was given them (just before SS) I couldnt fit any of them on, and now I can!!! But I have giant fingers, so will keep trying them on once a week to see how my fingers are shrinking!
Excellent its the little signs that keep us going! x


Wants to shed pounds more
I know EXACTLY how that is - I cant get rings near me, now all of a sudden I can see fingers rather than porky stubs and its like - way hay! I can see bones!!!!
well done on the weight loss so far. Its nice that rings are more comfortable and you can make the most of treasured ite,s.

I think there is something sad about things we love not fitting any more.
But there are lots of yukky things that won't fit any more but you iwll really be pleased to see the back of.
I am looking forward to getting my wedding and engagement rings on again..........it has been 14 years
My partenr and I are looking at getting married next year... am quite over weight at the minute so looking to get to my target weight first then get he rings... Finding it a bit more of an incentive! :)


Trying to stay healthy!
That's great Liz, really shows it's working!!
Bizarrely when i put weight on whilst having my children my feet also grew!! so i now have size 5 feet instead of my original 4, i wonder if losing weight will change my feet size?
Good news - glad the ring fits now!

My wedding ring started to fall off from Week 4 onwards, so I am now wearing it on my middle finger!

Once my weight loss is complete and maintaining, I will get it re-sized.

I have been wearing a diamond ring my mum gave me for about 15 years...when I was skinny I had to wear it with another ring over it so it didnt fall off. I havent been able to get it off my hand for 8 years and at my biggest people would notice the ring digging in and would ask if it hurt (it doesnt)... I will finally know I have lost my 'puppy fat' when I can get the lovely blasted thing off again!!
ha! and today, well yesterday I can, the diamond ring is now off my finger and on another, it's left a great deep ring in my finger but I dont care, my sausage fingers are shrinking!
Hehe yeah i know what you mean. My OH had to buy me a stand-in engagement ring as mine is too big and am now wearing it on my middle finger. He managed to get one that looks almost the same. If anyone wants to get a stand-in he got mine from QVC ephiphany diamonique. Cheap but nice.
I too am wearing my engagement ring for the first time in about 2 years still a little bit tight though.Ive noticed a big difference in my fingers used to have really bony fingers (should have been grateful for them at the time) and now a bot thinner but my hands seem wrinkly?as anybody else had that problem.

Lelly CD my feet have gone up 2 sizes from a 5 to a 7 cant feel a difference yet but maybe they will go down

Happy shrinking everyone xx

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