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Omg.. just had one of the worst nights of my life. My mother in law lives just off a high street that was complete destroyed by riots. cars are burning outside her house. we were on the phone with her all night. we haven't slept because the looters were coming closer and closer to our house. finally at the last minute the police flooded the area with armoured vehicles and chased them off. WHY do the police not have water cannons and tear gas?? they are out there facing down thousands of angry thugs with nothing. I can't believe they are being asked to do it. And I can't believe things have been able to get this bad. end rant... i am so tired but i'm still afraid to sleep.
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OMG hope you are ok . I am at this time ashamed of the human race , it is totally disgusting and there is no excuse for people to act this way , any tiny excuse for these mindless thugs to start causing damage and hurting people . they should all be hung
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im in croydon and these bloody riots ar rediculas they need to ever give the police guns with plastic bullits or bring in the army , these kids have no idea what the riots are protesting against they just see it as a chance to loot all he shops i rally dont no whatthis country has come to x


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The riots are beyond dreadful. I can't believe the mentality of these people.

Someone said about the water cannons that there needs to be a certain temperature before they can use them .... Human rights and all that lark. Well I'd say f**k em and give them a blast or two it might give them second thoughts. It's sad that we have to protect the safety and rights of the rioters in this day and age.

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Agree. If there is no negative out come for the looters what is to stop them from doing it on a regular basis everytime they want some new things!

Human rights is a joke. Should be a community/ societal rights law instead of on an individual basis!

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Hi again :) Yes we are all OK. Mother in law shaken up and now has no where to buy her groceries as shops all destroyed. We took her some.

I agree about the human rights thing. The gov't is busy protecting the rights of these criminals, and in the meantime they are betraying all of us LAW ABIDING citizens, who put our trust in the gov't and police to keep us safe. They didn't keep us safe and they still seem to be unwilling to do so. I don't blame the police because they just do what they're told. I blame the policymakers at the top. Let them have a mob destroying their posh neighborhood and then we'll see how much sympathy they have for the rights of these looters.

My area is on high alert right now. Police have shut down everything and sent all the shop employees home around 3pm. The only thing open here and there is the occasional pub. It's like a ghost town and all we can do is see if the heightened police presence and the precautions keep anything more from happening tonight.

I have bought 3 cans of wasp spray to anoint the eyeballs of any thug who dares get his ugly face any where near me or my family. Also have all my sharp and sturdy gardening tools set out in the hall in case looters decide to break our front window and try for our house. They will be in for a nasty shock. The police aren't protecting us so we are left to fend for ourselves.

I hope everyone here is also OK and my thoughts are with you and your families.
Update, our area is flooded with police and helicopters are going over about every 10 mins. So far the only problems occurred late this afternoon when a tesco was looted down the road, but for once police were actually on the scene (!!!) and put a stop to it. Around 3PM police went to all the businesses within west london on the main roads and asked them to shut. There was quite a big clog of traffic while everyone drove home at the odd hour. A lot of people on the nearby high streets organized neighborhood watches and some even stood out in the streets to guard shops. Thankfully it seems the rioters have given up. Police have been stopping and searching people all night. I hope this is over!!!!! All is quiet right now and we are feeling hopeful that the rest of the night will be similar.
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It hasn't been on the news but we've had idiots on the rampage in Huddersfield. They tried to loot asda (but got stopped) then trashed a childrens centre and old peoples club before moving onto the likes of aldi, lidl, matalan..... What a disgrace - chop their hands off I say!
ugh!! I'm so sorry Emma.

Infuriatingly.. now that London is quiet due to the massive import of police, the politicians are all blustering about how they 'might use' water cannons or plastic bullets if there is any more rioting. Where was all this on the 2nd and 3rd nights of the riot when everything actually got destroyed? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGHHHHHHH :jelous::jelous::jelous:
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My impression was the gov has put a blanket on the media being able to report all details to try and prevent copy cat attacks

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