River cobbler/pangasius


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Hi all,

Tescos sell this lovely white fish called River Cobbler (or Pangasius) which is sold as a much cheaper (and more environmentally sound!) alternative to Cod or other similar white fishes that are currently being fished almost to extinction! (and incidentally is much, much cheaper!!)

It doesn't appear in the new books and isn't on the website.

Do you think I'm safe in assuming it's free on EE and original??
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Yep, all white fish is free as long as it's undoctored!


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I agree, it's very nice and much cheaper than most of the others. I like the one that's dusted in seasoned flour, since SW I haven't had it, but you have given me an idea I'm going to look it up!!


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I tried some of this the other week, it was nice but I found it a bit tasteless - but it would be ideal for a fish pie or a Thai fish curry.


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We eat River Cobbler loads, lovely fish! It is free if it's not lightly dusted or in batter/bread crumbs. We have the lightly dusted river cobbler they sell in tesco and syn it at 5 syns.


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Oooh, I haven't seen the lightly dusted one - only the 'naked' one and the smoked one in our store.... will look out for that!


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I buy both the smoked and unsmoke river cobbler. I use the smoked one just like smoked haddock and think it has a lovely flavour ...


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Is the smoked river cobbler free, even though its smoked? sorry if this is a stupid question!

I had it last night with a poached egg on top and it was amazing and very cheap!