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Roast Potatoes


I'm watching this space as well!!


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all i do is peel spuds, chop them in half. Part boil them for 4 -5 mins. Drain. Leave to settle, Shake them, spray a baking tray with fry light. Put potatoes on. Spray over top and whack them in oven for 40 mins or so until golden and crispy. Doing these tonight with my chicken dinner.

Hope that helps
I will only have SW roast potatoes and SW chips now. Have not had any other for the last 3 months...
How do you make yours? Both the Roasties and the Chips x
i do the same as NikNak, will season with salt and pepper or add some dried herbs/garlic depending on my mood at the time - roast potato, chips = the same just different shapes :D
For SW chips, I don't par boil - just cut and chuck them in the roasting pan and they seem to cook quicker if not par boiled!
I just cut potatoes into either chips or roast or wedges, whichever you prefer. I then boil them for about 8 mins then drain them, put them back into the sauce pan and shake as this makes then a bit rough. I then spray fri-light on them. They then go on a baking tray and in the oven until you can't resist them - you will know when -and then serve them with whatever you desire. I find that my chips are better when they are not too done - just like the chippy ones....mmmm chips, beans and egg.....enjoy...
I know i made them before and it seemed to take my chips FOREVER to actually cook! x
I make potatoe wedges/chips/roasties in the same way. I use a jacket potatoe with the skin and chop into shape needed. Sprinkle with water and put in the microwave for 10 mins.

Then spray with fry light and sprinkle with herbs/seasoning. Leave in for around 40mins.

I find using the microwave works lots better than par-boiling, I also over or under boiled and with the microwave the texture always comes out perfect


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For roasters I parboil the tatties, drain and give the pan a good shake to roughen up the edges. I then tip them into a roasting tin and spray liberally with BUTTER Frylight, turning and re-spraying a couple of times during cooking.
imho these make the BEST roasters ever, and DH even prefers these to any others now :)
we had a lovely roast chicken dinner cooked by my OH on sunday and the roast potatotes tasted fantastic - i was dreading how many syns would be in them but when i asked he said he'd crushed 2 veg stock cubes and sprinkled over the par-boiled spuds, 1 x table spoon of oil mixed through, then cooked as normal.
they tasted fantastic and although not completely free the 1tbs of oil between 6 of us wasn't that scary :eek:

bless him he even made me lovely soup from the leftover veg :rolleyes:
i make my roast potatoes the same way i make SW chips .... i cut peeled potatoes into chunks (or chips ) then parboil them in chicken stock for a few minutes....then they get a few sprays of fry light and a sprinkling of onion powder, garlic powder and sometimes a bit of paprika (gives 'em a nice colour :D )

i like mine quite crunchy so i'll usually roast them for about 40-50mins at around 190C fan assisted :)

oh, and they always seem to turn out better when i let the seasoned potatoes cool down completely before bunging them in the hot oven...not sure why though lol
I do mostly the same - cut potatoes (but smaller as I love them really crispy), parboil for about 6-8 mins, drain and spray fry lite all over them in the pan, shake them really hard to fluff up (this also allows the fry lite to get into the pots a bit more) then (here comes the difference) i put them onto an oven crisper tray. It's like a mesh that's a bit floppy. It allows the heat to get all around them and makes them really crispy. A friend got it for me from the £ shop but you can also get them in Lakeland and Bettaware. If i'm feeling naughty I replace Fry Lite with an olive oil spray from Lakeland (which is v low in syns still but makes them even crispier).

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