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rose wine



Eloquent hooligan
In moderation I believe.

I'm just jealous coz I've been told I can't drink since I went into hospital with pancreatitis :(

The docs didn't say anything about MDMA & coke though...
lol line them up then!!!! nah seriously i cant drink white or red just rose (posh bird pmsl)

are you not able to drink at all now or just till u get the all clear? or is it a lifetime thing, im really dunse lol excuse my stupidness!!


Eloquent hooligan
Posh & Scottish ? Aren't they mutually exclusive ? ;) :p

I do do posh.... mmmmm.....

As for the booze... they said to abstain for a few months at the minimum & ideally forever.... I'm seeing how long I can last out ;) Forever is an awful long time :(
yeah that is an awfull long time, i thought i was good managing two weeks lol

at the end of the day though if its between your health and drink then its clear as water! you clearly dont need drink to have a laugh but then i come across that way but i kinda need something to take the edge of the day sometimes. only you will know, you will know how it affects your body once you have that first drink.


Eloquent hooligan
I've taken up sniffing Tippex & highlighters instead...
hairspray and nail varnish lol
the highlighter on my desk smells of amaretto so that's my booze intake!

How about a rose spritzer instead emily?

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