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Rowanx2's weigh ins

Hiya fello newbie,

Welcome to the forum from one newbie to another.
What a coinkidink, we both stumbled onto this forum today. Cheers to us finding a comfy spot to meet and greet. Feels like I sorta know you already for some strange reason. :party0016:
I am sure it is from salt/sodium only, did you finally get to eat your soup? Albeit that did it, no worries, it'll be gone soon enough that pound being it is not a true weight, you'll see weigh in day you will have a good swoosh on the scale girl, afterall you are a LOSER yanno!


Losing the baby fat
G: 12st0lb
yep had ww mushroom soup, was okay, hadnt had it before. 87 cals i think.

my weight always bounces all over the place flower, as long as it heads down eventually then i'm on the right track. I can go up and down by as much as 4-5lbs in a week - I panic but I know i'm not eating enough to gain. Plus still tom time - next week will be better, she says hopefully!

today: still at 13.1
No Worries Salt/sodium Causes Water Retention, Even Though The Calories Are So Minimal In Soups, The Sodium Content Is Insane! Salt/sodium Plays Havock On Me & Makes The Scale Rise & That Is A Fact For I Keep My Calories In Check, For Instance Lastnight I Ate Some Pretzels & Some Sodium Ladened Chicken & I Am Up 1.5 Today, So Its Not Real Weight Gain, It Is Just The Scale Playing Tricks On Us, Drinking More Water Today & It Will Be Gone Just As Fast As It Appeared, Always Is For Me.. My Eyes Are Puffy Today Too Because Of It, Damn Sodium Hidden In Foods!
How's the boot camp girl? All energized now?

FYI, the weightwatchers soups in the USA are loaded with sodium. Take a lookski on the car. Per serving they have like 450 grams of sodium. EEK, I must avoid these like the plaque..

I get my caffeine from black tea.

Oh yeah puffy eyes from sodium, I never add salt to foods, infact I hate salt. But it is hereditary from the sodium, mums eyes get all puffy too. Sorta looks like a bad hangover after being in a smoke filled bar, not looking to gorgeous today. I wish we would have pretzels over here without salt, they are so hard to find..
Yippee That's Progress Chicky. With That Dancing Lady Is She Celebrating Your Losses Then Or Are You Mocking Flowers Tap Dancing?
Whew, She Needed To Be Layed To Rest!!!! Rip Rowans Wedding Dress Stalker... Yanno I Was Kickboxing Her This Morning Hoping She Would Go Down, But She Just Continued On To Dance Like A Freakazoid! Yeah Now I Am Happy
wowsa, look your only about 1 inch away from GOAL!:party0011: I just noticed that, look how far you have come baby, from chubby cherub, to Marilyn Monroe and your final person with be rowan, because you will have lost the other rowan, so no more dbl rowan, it will be sexy singular rowan! :wow:

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